Well, Hello Sunglasses. I’ve Missed You.

It’s a gorgeous day at the beach.  After several days of gloomy but mild weather, today is like SPRING with people outside, soaking it up.  Guys without shirts in the front yard (well, not a look I’m exactly fond of unless a guy is at the beach) and girls in bikinis getting their tan on. Convertibles.  Surfing. (They surf all winter, anyway.) But still.  There’s a lightness of being about today and my spirit likes it, very much, thank you.

(This is an interesting house in Neptune Beach, oceanfront.)

So today, a video snippet of beachlife for a February afternoon:

And, part deux:

(photo and video compliments of iPhone 4)


  1. JeanneP says:

    You have no idea how much I needed this today Jeannie!! I have seen nothing but SNOW and FRIGID below zero temps!

    Thanks for a taste of the beach!!!

    Love your videos….I cannot wait to head south!!

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