Macro Monday Around the Yard

She’s still hard at work with the macro lens.  It’s what draws her: if she has extra time, it’s on with the macro lens and outside she goes.  She’s drawn to nature and has learned, perhaps stupidly, as  she ought to have realized that nature moves, and therefore it’s harder to photograph.  She needs a low-to-the-ground tripod.

She also needs new venues.  How many times can she photograph that Agapanthus, anyway?  Well, she’s certainly documented its journey, from bud to seed, and after today, she probably won’t bore you with any more shots of that plant until it begins to grow next spring.

The Agapanthus, fading.

Her pretty Pumpkin, a Calico, has the loveliest coat.  She’s very difficult to photograph but she came up and stood right beside her when she was composing the shot: the acorn. She loves that Pumpkin “ruined” the shot!

Perfect example of why she needs a low-to-ground tripod.  Still, she loves this shot.

Redundant, she knows.

Redundancy, redux.  But the focal point is different!

A mushroom in her favorite color.  Including her nail polish. Ask anyone.

Had enough?  So has she, so now she’ll wash her hands of this post.  But if a certain photo catches your interest, she hopes you’ll click it to enlarge.  Macro photography is best appreciated in its largest rendition.

Scouting for better locations and more interesting subjects, this mediocre photographer isn’t giving up.  You’ll see. Some day.

The end.

Welcome New Beachlifer

She has recently moved to the area, and I was telling her about Jacksonville, and its diverse neighborhoods, while she gave me a lovely blow out in a new beaches salon.

She hasn’t had a chance to really explore the area yet, but feels certain she wants to settle near the beach. I’m all for that, of course, but think about it. Jacksonville. Don’t we have so many unique and diverse places within the vast city limits (and yes, the beaches aren’t officially part of the City but you know…) where people can find their culture, and their tribe, and settle in a place that speaks to their soul?

I think it’s pretty great, and if there wasn’t that part of me that needed to live at the coast, I can think of several other places I’d be happy to call home within Jacksonville.

But, she wants to live at the beach, so naturally, I talked up my little corner of the world. She hasn’t been out here yet. We’re fairly eclectic and diverse, in that we’re a community of all ages and inclinations; families; singles; couples. People  want to live here for many reasons but are pretty much united in their passion for the beach and a need to be close to it.

What I love about it here rather than where she currently lives is its community vibe; the towns with pedestrian shopping and community activities, and the fact that at nearly every single single block, people can quite easily access the beach. Here, one doesn’t have to join a beach club or have oceanfront property to enjoy the expanse of sand and sea and all its glory. Most of us can just walk on over to it, or ride our bikes. Live a bit too far for that and there’s still beach access with parking available up and down Third Street.

It’s ‘the beaches’ y’all. It’s for everyone. Let’s hope she gets some time to explore ‘the beaches’ soon. Where ever she decides to settle, this entire region is lovely, and I’ll give you this: it’s true that there are more sharks’ teeth to be found down in her neck of the woods. Around here, though, she’ll have an easier time getting onto the beach.

Just sayin’.

She gives good hair, too.