Awesome Houses

Awesome House – My Favorite Colors

So this was my inspiration house for the colors I yearned for in my own home.

I drove past this house for weeks. It’s on Beach Avenue, a unique and prominent street, where the oceanfront homes are situated in Atlantic Beach. This house is on the opposite side of the ocean. It’s almost like a promenade, Beach Avenue, with cars moving only one way, and lots of bikers, skaters, joggers, trikes, baby strollers, power walkers, dog walkers – you name it – ambling up and down this street.

Beach Avenue has the most interesting houses lining both sides of the street. Many of the oceanfront homes are set away from the street; their garages with carriage houses at street’s edge and often used as rentals. Anyway, it’s a really interesting street and very unique. It’s fun to travel it (slowly; it’s the ONLY way to go) to gaze at what people are building, renovating, or selling here.

This house grabbed my heart and wouldn’t let go. When I entered its swinging, slatted door and was up on its side porch, knocking on the owner’s door, it had a whole different feel than I experienced, looking at it from the street. It was even better, more charming than I’d imagined.

I was invited into the house when I asked about the paint colors. I wanted a tour (of course!) but how rude of me! I didn’t know these people! (No, I didn’t ask.) They were nice enough to fetch the data from the paint cans and the name and number of their color consultant while I craned my neck to see what I could from the foyer. The interior suited me. A more modern esthetic.

I love this house, still.

I love the ambiance of Beach Avenue. If you’re ever in Atlantic Beach, you must drive it, starting right in town, from the resort One Ocean, heading north on Beach Avenue and go all the way to 20th Street, where it ends. It’s two miles long. It wends its way about, and you’ll be treated to an eclectic view of homes of various price points; some still in their original humble beginnings and others, obvious tear-downs replaced by Majestic Mansions.

Either way, it’s total immersion in Atlantic Beach oceanfront living.

Now that I look at this house out of context, I wonder if it will speak to you like it does to me. But whatever. I’m bringing you a glimpse of houses I love. And I love this one.