At home in the water, this is good water.*  There’s joy in good water, in full immersion, diving down and surfacing.  With no time pressure and sunshine it’s  tactile and sensual and cleansing all at once.  With no time pressure you can emerge and air dry and get hot again. In you go, back to the water which beckons.

It sounds so cliche, but this is how I experience the joy of good water, on a leisurely summer day. It’s a simple and exhilarating pleasure.

Lately, I’m adrift. I have lost my voice here. I haven’t been happy to write; I haven’t quit but I’m on pause.  I suppose the voice will come back but it feels like that voice is changing.  Writing through it will make it happen.

*Bouvier Bay off Anchor Bay off Lake St. Clair, in Michigan.

Summer 2011


  1. S Huffman says:

    Adrift sounds good, but does it mean only when you are in Michigan and not out in our lovely Atlantic?
    Been praying for you and your family hoping everyone is enjoying summer.
    You still have me realing from the post you did on your Mom. So touching and heartbreaking, but so glad she knew where she was going as well as you and your Dad. I thank God everyday I have with my Mom and know one day she will be called to her new home.
    ps you will find your voice again as it is a gift from God.

    • admin says:

      No, Susie, I’m adrift here too. I guess I’m metaphorically adrift. I just happened to have the photos to illustrate my point, from a recent visit to Michigan. I love the beach and the ocean, no denying that. But I prefer swimming in fresh water, given a choice. I still love my ocean and beach, always will!

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