Macro Monday Fire and Shells

It’s been a while since I’ve been in the swing of Macro Monday and I’ve missed it.  I love zeroing in on detail and seeing what the camera renders.  Last week, I was visiting Eagle Island and I was drawn to the lovely citronella candles and their wicks with flames…and of course, the sand dollars I collected on Sapelo Island. Our Eagle Island host Andy Hill took us there by boat and  we spent a delightful afternoon wandering the deserted beach and collecting pails full of sand dollars and conch shells.

What is this thing?  Anyway, I thought it was cool…like a ‘sea necklace’.

The end.


  1. mary catherine says:

    I especially like that last pic of the sand dollars. Cool!

  2. Tami says:

    I loved walking with you on the beach picking up the sand dollars, it was a very relaxing time. Love all the pictures! xoxo Also Happy Birthday to my new friend!

  3. gorgeous pictures. i love the sand dollars, but the fire calls to me. it is mesmerizing! hope you had a great birthday! xoxo

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