Dancing in the Street

It was a busy weekend of covering our town’s 25th annual Dancin’ in the Streets party, and the Never Quit Beach Fest.

At Dancin’ in the Street,  local bands played their live music, there was a family-friendly area called the Kids’ Zone, artists and other vendors sold their wares, and alcohol was allowed on the approved streets to those who met the age qualification.  Lots and lots of people walked or came on their bikes; a smart idea for two reasons:

1.  Don’t drink and drive.

2. Parking is hard to find when there’s a huge crowd in the neighborhood!

It’s a street party that’s legendary in these parts and this year was its 25th anniversary.  You may see more pictures, and my micro-blogging all about our community by ‘liking’ our Facebook Page.  Please hop over and have a look, and like us too.  I want to break 1,000 fans and we’re four ‘likes’ away from that!

This is a video of a popular local band, the Boogie Freaks, rocking out to  happy crowd.


  1. very cool and what a fun tradition to have. sounds like a great community event and so glad you are sharing it! xo, mickey

  2. Simple Daisy says:

    OOh….looks like a super fun time:)

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