Macro Monday Seeds and Nuts

This is a seed from one of the many common palms in the yard.  It will sprout anywhere it’s buried, and its appearance will resemble a blade of grass. As a Florida newbie ten years ago, I didn’t recognize this. I thought those blades were grass, but Northern turf and Southern turf is a whole other blog post (and who really cares except Master gardeners and golf course turf managers – or weed-pullers like me?)   That’s the time to yank it though,  before it’s had a chance to develop its ‘tree’ root system.    These weeds are everywhere in my gardens, and are easy to extract when nascent blades,  but dullsville for people who eschew weeding.  Like children. Like my children. Even when I offer to pay them (I naively thought they’d be glad for the chance to earn some cash.  I’m blogging, and taking pictures of weeds,  I’m a bit busy, you understand …)   But  honestly? I actually love weeding.  It’s quiet time, and really satisfying to work in the dirt, removing weeds, and turning the mulch;  prettying the gardens. I used to have more time for gardening and I miss it.   These palm seeds also pepper our decks, and squash when stepped on. Since we painted the decks black, these seeds are barely discernable. Until you step on one.

A tiny acorn, with its friend, the dimpled seednut.  I don’t know what it is, but it has an interesting texture next to the acorn, don’t you think?  Since I focussed on the acorn as the primary subject, the dimpled seednut plays second fiddle in this image. The blurred green in the background is Spanish moss, which you’ll see more clearly when you keep scrolling down.

I have no idea what this … pointy sphere-on-a-stem is, but they are everywhere about my yard.  I love its texture also and doesn’t it just pop when placed in front of my green deck railings?

A composition of the palm seed, tiny acorn, dimpled seednut or whatever-it-is, against a backdrop of Spanish moss.

Three of my favorite colors: black, green, and gold. Do I need to mention that’s a leaf, on the right? It was just there when I set the seed in front of the Spanish moss, and I liked how it looked in the picture.

Red berries. Obviously.  Probably not good for you if you ate one.

The end.


  1. Simple Daisy says:

    You make the simplest things look so beautiful!!!!

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