Macro Monday: Raindrops on Disney

This was my favorite trip to Walt Disney World in Orlando ever.

I stayed in a lovely hotel on the Disney property. I went into Downtown Disney – once.  I saw a movie there. Well, let’s call it two and a quarter movies, if you want to know the truth.  The King’s Speech was fabulous.  You can wait for The Dilemma on DVD, and Country Strong?  It was probably pretty good, and I won’t give away the last twenty minutes.  Having seen that, however, now I’ll probably wait for the DVD.

I went shopping at Nordstrom, made a side trip to Winter Park, and read an entire book.  A heavenly weekend, really.

But technically, I did not enter any of the Disney attractions, although they were on view from the hotel window.  See?

When I changed the focus on my macro lens, looking through the same window a moment later, this was what I saw:

All cozy, inside, with my new novel.  Not standing in line, in the rain, on a Martin Luther King, Jr. Federal holiday,  with kids, for a ride or anything inside the Disney parks.

I’m happier taking pictures of raindrops on windows and reading.


  1. Marghie says:

    What a nice way to spend the MLK holiday! Great entry!

  2. Hey, where were the kids? I have never been to Disney Land or World, Boy do I miss Nordy’s. They talk about putting one here, maybe one day. Great pics and glad you had a relaxing MLKD. I’m ready for nice beach weather soon. Cold on the Westside! Just finsishing up Spoken From The Heart .by Laura Bush, interesting read.

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