Macro Monday: A Night of Lights

The inspiration.

She wasn’t sure what the homeowners thought of the girl with a camera and tripod, who moved stealthily about the periphery of their front yard. It wasn’t quite dark when she stopped her car, having had an aha! moment when she saw so many lights, twinkling lights. ¬†She definitely knew she ought to knock at their door and just explain her mission; surely they would not mind. The odder way was to do what she did, traversing their expansive yard with her tripod and camera, staying close to the street, until dusk became dark. Then she packed up her gear and drove off. She had no manners left on that evening, none at all. She wonders if they even noticed her activity; it did appear that people were home. She justified that if they were genuinely curious, or concerned that a weirdo was doing photography in the dark in front of their house, they would have come out to have a word with her.

But no one did, and that was that.

This is what she saw:

The end.


  1. Lili says:

    HiJeannie! It’s been so long since I visited over here! I was cracking up imagining you outside of someone’s house with your tripod and camera at night. But you really got some fantastic shots for us. Actually they probably were very flattered to see someone doing that, too bad they don’t know where to look to see your cool captures! Oh and I agree with you about solar energy being far more important than temperature when it comes to enjoyment of our surroundings! Man it’s really been cold down there for you all though. But at least it doesn’t last that long! Thanks for stopping by my place so I could get caught up with you again. I really enjoyed looking at your photography up on your header too, those are all so beautiful! ~Lili

  2. Simple Daisy says:

    How funny!!!
    I don’t know what i’d do if someone were outside my home snapping photos!!! Well…once a lady stopped to ask if she could photograph my black eyed susans!! I said “yes of course!!”

    Beautiful photos::):):)

  3. JoAnn says:

    Oh what gorgeous photos. I love the story. I’ve photographed doors of Victorian houses in CA and wondered what people thought if they saw me – taking pictures of their doors.

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