January Beachlife Sunshine Surprise

The other morning was rather gloomy, as I sat in my car, my hand around a warm cup of Starbucks, that milky caffeine, so overpriced and yet so comforting. I was snuggled in my car, parked at the 4th Street beach access, scrolling through my favorite blogs on the iPhone, easing into morning and the day ahead after another night of too-few hours of sleep. I’m a slow-to-wake girl, being the nocturnal type and all.  I can write at night, when it’s quiet, and I always end up staying up irresponsibly too late.  It’s not like I’m still in college after all.  But after I get those kids to school on time – no tardy slips for my crew – my entire countenance slows to near slumber again.  I like to sit, and  leapfrog around the Internet, from link to blog, here and there, while I sip at my Starbucks and slowly come back to life.

It’s nice when I can sit somewhere with a view of the ocean, reading blogs on the iPhone in my car for a while.  It’s like my prelude to the day, and it’s best when there’s latte involved.  I hate to be so cliche, but there it is.  Jeannie, raw.

On this particular morning last week  I glanced up from my reading just as the early morning sun broke through those dreary clouds close to the horizon over the Atlantic and suddenly: shimmering light.

At that moment, (and moments like these don’t come ’round too often for me  in the early morning like this)  I felt compelled to leave the comfort and privacy of my car, the latte in its cup holder, and make my way onto the sand.  Everyone knows it’s better on the beach, and this morning did not disappoint. With only iPhone to record the morning’s glory, I did my best to capture the rapture I felt when those gloomy skies dissipated and suddenly it was surprisingly shimmering out there. I don’t know if these pictures will convey the feeling of my spirit lifting as it did when that sun came out so  you’ll have to take my word for it.


  1. Simple Daisy says:

    Oh my goodness….your seeing the sunshine post is much better than my seeing the sunshine post:)
    I love your beach photos…just what I needed to see today!

  2. JeanneP says:

    Jeannie! LOVE your new header / blog!! And I really love your beach photos!!! I am SO incredibly sick of looking at snow….I could scream! And we are facing yet another winter storm warning tonight!! Really hoping to make it to Jacksonville and further south on down to Flagler…maybe later this spring!

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