Into the Muck…

There were only a few minutes of daylight left in yesterday so I made a quick dash to what’s becoming my second favorite go-to place for photos, Dutton Island. A lovely place, but… another sunset?

At least I changed from my Juicys and kicked on the ugly Dansko clogs before I went out there. Otherwise, well, better shoes and pants would have been ruined.

I was desperate for some macro shots but there was too much of a breeze and nature was blowing all over the place; even with the tripod it was no use. So I stupidly decided to walk to the edge of the water, where the wind was pushing at the water, making a frothy, pretty edging at the marsh. A few shots there – nice, but nothing special.

I looked around for something stationary to photograph, and saw clumps of ugly shells stuck to rocks near the dock. Okay. I walked through the wet sand muck and set the tripod. I shot several uninspiring photos of these shells, simply because they weren’t affected by the breeze… but then I started to sink in the muck. And I mean really sink! The tripod’s legs were stuck, as were my feet. I tried to extract myself but lost my shoe to the muck which I started to think of as quicksand! I was more worried about how to get the tripod (with my best lens on the camera) out of there if I was unable to move. Every movement just drove my feet further into the wet and slimy sand (a marsh is no beach). I gave up worrying about not getting muddy right away; it was futile anyway. My shoes were impacted inside and out, my pants, socks and feet were encased. I finally yanked out the deepest foot and freed the tripod with the camera and lens unscathed. (I got my shoes out too.)

All this for not a single good macro shot.

But I like this one, of the water at sunset. Still. It’s just water.

And I didn’t even take a picture of my mucky shoes as proof! I guess I just wanted to get hosed off – shoes, tripod, me, as quickly as possible!

There’s always tomorrow, though. Well, today. And it’s looking pretty lovely outside right now. What am I doing in here?

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