Macro Monday October 25

Challenging one’s self photographically is a challenge and sometimes, a frustration.  However, I’ll continue to show these macro photos because I’m committed to personally stretch myself creatively, to work on effectively composing and capturing the the things that catch my eye.  Not altogether pleased with this week’s offerings, I’m carrying on with Macro Mondays because I know that one of these weeks, someone will look, and see pure magic, even if that someone is only me. I’ve shot one or two of those utterly perfect photos in my nascent photographic career; my lens is certainly capable of doing so, and  therefore, as in most every endeavor, doesn’t practice make for perfect?  Every striving, I present this week’s images.

Caveat: if you like an image well enough, click on it to enlarge it so that it occupies your entire screen if possible. In macro photography, we’re honing in on the details, and the smaller images that fit within the blog’s format don’t do macro photography justice.  Even the mediocre ones are enhanced by a closer look!


  1. Lourdes McGuire says:

    Great photos!!!

  2. Chuck says:


  3. Doug says:

    Fantastic photos.. macro photography takes a special person to recognisze those small. hidden, yet “right in front of your face” subjects. So many of us live our lives at such a hectic pace that we rarely take the time to stop and experience the exception and unique beauty on a micro scale. Looks like you’ve got a natural talent and self-desire for this hobby. Keep up the good work and enjoy!

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