Macro Monday

Inspiration:  Not found, not so much.  Effort:  A for trying.  Photographer: undaunted.
Here are pictures that limped to the finish line:
Ooops! This beachlifer is officially OUT of free Blogger storage and has had to purchase more so that she can continue to regale you with minutiae and mediocrity with the occasional brilliant photo or post thrown in.  So… Macro Monday is being delayed until payments can be confirmed; please stand by.  Your wait time may be up to twenty-four hours.  So please, don’t hold your breath.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about creative inspiration.  It’s no surprise I’ve exceeded my allotted space here on Blogger.  I’ve already filled my hard drive and have had to buy a second external hard drive, all filled with images.  I might not buy the kids’ requisite, overpriced school pics every year (please consult your yearbooks to see what you looked liked in your second grade uniform, kids.) For a girl who has more than 25,000 jpegs on her hard drive I’m just a bit insulted that the photo studio who  shall remain unnamed (but seems to have a monopoly on all the area schools, both public and private) doesn’t even give us a choice of this picture or that one, and then bundles it into some exorbitantly priced “package” making me feel like Their Bad Mother when I let months go by without making the buy – but look!  I have 19,000 pictures of them on this external, or the other.  There’s certainly no shortage of pictures of my kids, and backed up well.

I even offer them their own photo shoots, but they eschew that (who  wants their mom taking their photo again) and even when I resort to forcing them to be my practice subjects, naturally the attitude seeps through the lens and while I have captured plenty of lovely pictures, I’m building my portfolio by shooting other people; children or adults.  I have one model in particular who stares right through the lens with that blank but pleasant look on her face; a face that I could never pull off without someone asking me, “Are you all right? Is something wrong?”  I think it just comes naturally to some people, certainly models have it, and if you have it, you can learn to work it.

I photographed a lovely family on Saturday afternoon, collecting hundreds of images they’ll enjoy choosing from.  Each time I do this I get new ideas on how to  engage small children in photo shoots; with very small children who can’t sit and pose, candids are the way to go.  I was very happy with the outcome of the family photo shoot.   The subjects were wonderful to work with; the venues, perfect.  Howell Park drenched them in a saturated green backdrop, while the beach provided that magical mixture golden afternoon light, and an azure sea and sky, the surf breaking with just enough white foam to provide the perfect horizontal contrast.  I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome.

I love nature photography in macro.  A good macro / portrait lens has been the best addition to my camera bag and every time I pull the camera out my heart lures me in search of small images worthy of that extreme close up.  Today, it was just breezy enough to keep moving my subjects and therefore my results were merely fine, but not spectacular. I want to feel that catch in my throat, that internal leap of excitement when I view my uploaded photos, and lately, in macro, it hasn’t happened.      I hesitate to post them,  but post I will, for it’s the only way to keep myself challenged; although I do hit the ‘publish’ button with less enthusiasm than I did that first time I published a set of macro shots from the garden.  It had rained; there wasn’t any wind; the raindrops were hanging like a single tear was shed from the nascent bud of a June agapanthus.

That’s what keeps me coming back for more.  The memory of that picture.  That’s why I know I can do it.


  1. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …i'll be waiting for the pics!!! i enjoy the macro shots…i know not all of my shots capture what i see and i freely admit they disappoint me from time to time, however, they do bring back the crisp view that i took in my mind, so i guess they served their purpose after all! xoxo

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