Hoodie Morning at the Beach

Hoodie weather has arrived at the beach. 

 For those of us not jogging in the morning, an early morning temp of  sixty-four degrees has me eagerly sliding my arms into my snug black hoodie over shorts and a tee shirt.  Children who rue the heat of summer and claim to long for a snowy climate are now complaining about the chill.  For me, the delicious season is here: fall fashion weather.  

I’ll never forget our affable realtor, the least cheesy realtor I’ve ever met, describing this climate when I’d called from the snowy and gloomy north, inquiring about life at the beach; the winters in particular.

“Winters here are Fall fashion weather,” he told me, a transplant from my region himself.  “You can wear your sweaters and boots and fall clothes, but you don’t have the hassle of snow, slush and gloom for eight months of the year.”

I liked the sound of that.  And now it’s here. At least, the hoodie-in-the-morning-weather part. The rest is coming, and I can wait. 

I still  yearn for one more day at the springs, swimming those cool, clear waters (and who knows, I might just get one more springs day in yet) Fall has arrived at the beach and I’m happy to put on my morning hoodie and go out to behold the beauty of autumn dawning at the beach.

Despite the snarling child in the seat behind me, annoyed that I stopped at the beach for a few minutes in lieu of waiting in an empty school parking lot for twenty minutes until school opened for business, I ignored her attempts to  change my mind,  and stood in the cool morning breeze and took these snaps.

Then I drove her to school and happily deposited her and her mood on their sidewalk.  At least one of us enjoyed this spectacular morning.

All the pictures were the same photo with different iPhone applications.  Photos were taken two blocks south of the Jacksonville Beach Pier.


  1. Karen says:

    Don't you love the moods. Atleast they can be dropped off for the day 🙂

    If I lived closer I'de meet you at the beach after the dropoff for a hoodie-and-coffee beachwalk.

  2. Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea says:

    Beautiful shots! Hoodie weather is here on the Washington coast too…a bit cooler than where you are…48 this morning so hoodie and long pants here.

    Enjoy your Autumn at the beach.

  3. simpledaisy says:

    Wow…lucky you to live there:):)
    The photos are just gorgeous!

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