The Red Brick Sidewalk

She loves living in a coastal town that has brick sidewalks.  She loves peering at the inscriptions on the bricks.  For years she’s meant to buy a brick that represents her, and her family, for she’s put down roots here and wants a concrete brick reminder of that; evidence that might in fact outlive her, that she lived and loved here, too. Brick sidewalks are charming, and lend ambiance to her community. The bricks are sometimes dusted by sugar-like sand that blows over from the beach across the street.

Now that her favorite store has moved to a different location, she doesn’t know where she’d like that brick to be placed.  She thinks it needs to be on the Atlantic Beach side of her beloved Town Center, though she cherishes both sides of the street, and the people and merchants and visitors who come and go from here every day.

She hasn’t decided yet.  She’s waited ten years, intending to do this, but her sense of place needs to be just right.  She supposes she’ll wait a while longer, until she finds that sense of peace inside, the same peace she felt when she chose here to be home.


  1. Karen says:

    Love this post. Let us know where she sets her brick.

  2. Nick Lulli says:

    How much do bricks cost?

  3. Jeannie says:

    They are $50 each and available through the Beaches Town Center Merchants Association!

  4. Terra says:

    A sense of place, great story and theme and keeps me glued to your page to find out what happens next.

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