Macro Monday Autumn Garden

It’s becoming a wonderful time of year to be in the garden; perhaps even gardening at night — who knows? The weather’s slowly changing.  We rearranged our outdoor fire pit this afternoon and readied the wood pile.  Pinion wood: check.  A few logs of pinion wood tossed into the pile makes woodsmoke so alluring I can pull weeds and putter in the yard for hours.  There’s nothing like having a small campfire crackling in my own back yard, perfuming the air with its scent and the ocean murmuring in the background – daytime or night.

In the meantime, I’m clearing the beds of their spent plants and doing other chores a summer of neglect has wrought. Pulling weeds and taking pictures: not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon.
This is what I saw:
There’s a fungus among us.
Summer’s Agapanthus, gone to seed.

Queen Palm frond, its duty done. Behold bokeh.
Garden reader, a gift from my mother. Cherished.
Garden snail who left his shell behind.
Seed pods.

Seed pod from a variegated ginger plant. It blooms in June and remains lovely year round.
The End.


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