Autumn Arrives at the Beach

Well, it’s the autumn moon tonight and I have to say, it is beginning to feel like Fall here.

What that means is: the light is softer, the air, though still warm, feels less moist, the sea breeze feels drier.  It’s been windy on the beach, which accounts for the noise in the videos (so be forewarned – at a couple of points you’ll want to hit the mute button) but I couldn’t resist posting them as they depict the deliciousness of this day at the beach.

This video was taken with my new iPhone 4.  With its video capability, the new iPhone was able to instantly upload this to YouTube and yes, I am very excited about the possibilities.  I apologize for the wind but I wanted to show you how pretty it was out here today.  
Oh, and don’t worry about iPhone 3G.  She has gone to a new home, to someone who will surely jailbreak her and use her on a reliable cellular network somewhere in the U.S.  I’m speculating on the jailbreak part, but whatever, I got a good price for her so everyone’s happy about that.

Next, I decided to take a video with the Little Canon Elph, to compare the two in quality.  Obviously, the ability to wirelessly upload to YouTube or Facebook or to email a video to someone gives iPhone 4 the edge over the Little Canon Elph in many situations, but I’m not giving up on her just yet.  As a point-and-shoot camera, she’s reliable and performs admirably under many lighting situations.  She also is a sturdy little macro shooter if given half a chance.  So the Little Canon Elph still occupies space in this beachlifer’s purse, and will, for the foreseeable future.

I just happened to have started shooting when the lifeguards showed up to take down the day’s flag, red, indicating the surf could be treacherous.  God bless our lifeguards, and I mean it, but the fact that they got their little beach vehicle stuck in the sand for a bit was too cute not to shoot.  So I kept the Elph going, they knew it and were a bit embarrassed  but before long, they were on their way.  Don’t worry, guys.  I knew you’d get out of it!

It was such a lovely afternoon and although I did not spend any part of it reclined in my beach chair with the books I’m longing to read, I was thankful for the few minutes I had at the end of the day to visit the beach and breathe it all in.

Welcome, Fall, to the beach. We’re not out of the woods yet, hurricane-wise, but this beachlifer is sure hoping …


  1. Owlhaven says:

    Fun videos Jeannie!


  2. bichonpawz says:

    I shouldn't complain as I am at the lake today…but that ocean sure DOES look good to me!!! And I bet it is a whole lot warmer…it was only 70 here today! We are heading to the ocean in just a couple of weeks and I just can't wait to smell the salt air!! Great videos!

  3. Nick Lulli says:


  4. Completely Coastal says:

    What can I say…, wish I was there!! Was just talking to my husband that I need to move South!!

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