Macro Monday Michigan

Just a few images from a Michigan summer garden, macro style.

“Dead things aren’t beautiful,” said the six-year-old boy.  And although the pictures aren’t as beautiful as I’d hoped, I respectfully disagree.  I love pictures of dead things.  Well, spent plants, anyway.


  1. bermudabluez says:

    What an awesome set of macros! I love them all!!! And I agree with you…SOME dead things are pretty…like spent flowers!!

  2. Karen says:

    I need a macro. I do.

    Great shots!

  3. Terra says:


    Although I've been silent, I've been following along for the past few weeks and love your stories.

  4. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …beautiful pics…hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of summer. so hard to believe it is almost over! xoxo

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