Shelby’s Coffee Shoppe, Part Duex

As Shelby’s Coffee Shoppe winds down its time as Shelby’s I ducked in late one afternoon and snapped a few photos for my own, private archives. And okay, yes, for this blog post too.

I’d have liked to have hosted a photo exhibition here. I think it’s great when artists are celebrated in their own community, in a locally owned gathering place.

I hope the new owners will continue this tradition – and this time I’ll gather my courage to submit some photos for their consideration. I’d be thrilled to show my pictures on these walls.

The beloved wooden counter’s been worn down by years of drinks and sandwiches slid across to the waiting, caffeine-deprived and hungry patrons.
A gathering place for friends.

Shelby’s always carried ice cream, cookies, and terribly good fudge (I love good fudge) served up by the smiling waitstaff. At a time when frozen yogurt shops are popping up everywhere – not that there’s anything wrong with it – I know of one family who’s hoping that there’ll be at least one place left in town to get a simple ice cream cone (and fudge).
This courtyard is just outside Shelby’s door. There’s a place to park your bike, a bowl of water for your dog, and a larger center space where events can be hosted, and live music’s played some evenings. Your kids can prance about the courtyard while you dodge in and out of the shops and galleries, stealing a few minutes of shopping time, or just sit under the shade of the palms enjoying a latte or a meal with your friends. I have sweet memories of getting a coffee at Shelby’s then browsing the shops with my mom, when she’d visit. One block from the ocean, there’s always a sea breeze, and people coming in from the beach.
Thank goodness a coffee shop similar in spirit will remain.


  1. C.C. says:

    Your community as a serenity about it. This seems like the perfect place to just read a book, people watch, or study. Lovely, lovely.

  2. Sammi says:

    Shelby's looks awesome

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