Hurricane Season 2010

While hurricane season doesn’t officially begin until June 1, my colleague Nick Lulli is already planning extensive storm and hurricane coverage. Atlantic Beachlife will be providing color commentary from time to time.

The thing about living so close to the ocean, of course, is my fear of hurricanes. My first hurricane experience was in 2004 when four terrible storms ripped through the state. After Hurricane Frances we were without power for four days and a huge water oak tree was sucked from the ground next to our home. It landed on the strong branches of our neighbor’s tree and was held there, precariously, until we could hire a tree service and a crane to remove it. I drove around Atlantic and Neptune Beaches and looked at the damage with my heart in my throat. I saw huge trees that had come down on people’s homes…and this storm was not a direct hit on Jacksonville. The damage from these four storms across Florida was extensive and devastating.

I’d lived in Florida through four hurricane seasons that had little to no serious storm activity, but in 2004 I felt constant anxiety as I eyeballed the National Hurricane Center’s website, refreshing it fifteen times a day to monitor storm development off the coast of Africa.

We all know what happened in 2005.

I met Nick last year, and he’s a guy with a passion for news and weather. Nick has an online news site and attends Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, a magnet high school for kids with a desire for intensive study in the arts. We’ll be teaming up on storm coverage this season and it should be interesting. He has the passion, I have the fear. I’ve settled down a bit with regard to storm anxiety but living this close to the beach, it’s not something I can ignore.

Here’s the promo Nick edited for the first in his series on Storm Coverage 2010:


  1. Rachel M. says:

    I seem to keep having babies in Hurricane season! My last was born a month early and I'm convinced it's because that weekend there was a drop in pressure, there were others with early babies as well. Which is exactly why I need to start pestering husband to get things ready!

  2. Sammi says:

    Yikes I'd be terrified Jeannie.
    We suffered one tropical storm when I lived in Canarias, just off the coast of Africa, and it was bad enough, ripping our skylight right out!!

  3. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …it is hard to believe it is nearly that time again, but indeed it is. my mother was without power for over a week during the episodes of rita and katrina…i hope this season will be a mild one. xo, mickey

  4. Maya says:

    That's the one reason why I'm not sure if moving south is right for me…, even though I really want the warmer temps. I might opt to be just further back from the coast, it that makes any difference.

  5. Karen says:

    I guess even in paradise there are pros and cons. Here's to an uneventful hurricane season for you.

  6. Little Miss Sunshine State says:

    I was on the Cape during Hurricane Bob. Our power and water were out for 10 days.
    I get a little obsessed with Hurricane Season.

  7. bermudabluez says:

    Hi there Jeannie….my name is Jeanne, but some people call me Jeannie! We had debated the idea of moving to Florida…and are still trying to decide. We RV'd around the south last year and we found a cute little place called Beverly Beach. I was absolutely terrified when we were surrounded by tornado warnings….in an RV….one does not have very much support! We had one place to go….the ditch behind the RV…the one with the snake! I found your blog through Maya's. Will be adding you to my roll and following…hope that's ok! Think I may just add a button too! So glad I found you!! Be safe this year!!

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