A Fine Day for Fishing and Photography

Now that I have cameras, I’m lusting for lenses.  I’d like a macro lens for the detail photos I love to take.  The Little Canon Elph has a macro function on its program setting; the Canon Rebel does not.  So a girl has to get creative with the lovely tools she already has unless a birthday present is in her future. 

Still, I’ve been advised that other lenses besides a dedicated macro lens would probably be more useful in my photographic endeavors.  Since lenses are pricey purchases, I need to consider the options carefully.

A wide angle with zoom would probably be more a useful overall lens to add to my camera bag.  It was a fine day for fishing and a wider angle lens would have captured the three surf fishermen, their assorted poles planted in the sand where the waves spill onto shore, and the morning sunshine reflecting off the water in a truly dramatic way.  The Little Canon Elph has its limitations, but I couldn’t live without her.
Is it tacky to talk about your own birthday before you celebrate your son’s, whose birthday comes before yours?
Yeah.  I thought so.


  1. Nick Lulli says:

    I love your DSLR..and the Elph is quite nice too.

    I used to work with film SLRs and understand the costs of lenses. My advanced point and shoot usually gets the job done for me…but then again, I mostly use my JVC HD3 for recording video.

  2. Sammi says:

    o0o is that commenter below the guy who sorted out your badge so it fit on my page, hellooooo!!

    o0o pretty pics, i love the first one, the sign!!

    Sounds like you've got some lovely birthday present ideas here. When is your son's birthday, and when is yours?

    Also, thanks for your comments on my blog.. I am starting to get so nervous about leaving my hotel now. And yes, thank you, I had a fantastic week, but I am looking forward to tomorrow the most!

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