Tee Shirts for Every Body

Introducing Tami, who lives on Florida’s Emerald Coast, in the western Panhandle area.  Now there’s a place I’ve never been but have been longing to visit for a while.  I got close, last summer, but a change of plans at the last minute had us heading home, thwarting my desire to swim in those alluring green waters you see behind her in this photo. 
What’s this?  Tami’s wearing a great looking tee shirt!  Yes, Tami was the winner of the atlantic beachlife tee shirt giveaway I had last December.  It finally warmed up a bit in her neighborhood this past week so she was kind enough to step out without a parka (yes, people, we have been wearing parkas this winter) and send me a pic of herself sporting  the tee.  Tami’s originally a northern girl like me and  has been loving beachlife on the Gulf’s Emerald Coast with her family for the past seven years.
Tami likes the way the shirt fits; not shapeless like a guy’s tee, snug enough for a sleeker look, and great on its own, or under a sweater without adding bulk.  As you can see, it also looks good with jewelry! The necklace Tami’s wearing is so similar to the one I fasten on nearly every day (and with my atlantic beachlife tee shirt too).  
I’ll be sharing a couple of other photos of these tee shirts on their faraway owners in the near future. If you’d like to buy one for yourself or as a gift and you’re local, go to MOS in Jacksonville Beach, 29 South 12th Street (a favorite of mine for unique home  and garden decor) and stop in at Ellie Bing while you’re on the street, another great little shop for blingy pretties and vintage what-nots.  The tees are available in the atlantic beachlife and the jacksonville beachlife logos, in white, cream or gray.  
In Atlantic Beach, go see Carol at Shore Things of North Beach.  She’s got the atlantic beachlife logo and will have shirts in the fitted women’s style, and also a less-fitted-but-not-guy-like baggy style, and basic men’s tees as well.  Shore Things is such a great store; if you need a present at the last minute I guarantee you will walk out of there with something unique, and beautifully wrapped, within fifteen minutes.   I always take guests to Shore Things and MOS; Carol and Lourdes, the owners, have been beaches shop owners for years and years. They’re both so creative in their own way,  and I’m so pleased that the tee shirts are in their shops.  
If you don’t live here and still want one (Atlantic Beach, North Carolina? I’m looking at y’all!) email me and I’ll set you up.
I wear mine all the time and love them in gray and white.   I worked hard to find a tee shirt that’s flattering to most women’s bodies and I have to say: this one is.  Michael Stars has got nothing on me.


  1. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …ok…the green eyed monster of jealousy, envy and i want what she's got is in full swing. how can i purchase an atlantic life tee shirt for moi? i must have one! be sure and check out the market place of the current coastal living magazine…i think you will see an old friend! xoxo, mickey

  2. thorney says:

    I want a T-shirt. When you first mentioned Emerald City, I thought you were speaking of Seattle, which has the same name; and I thought you were coming to Seattle, which would be nice too.

    I love the T-shirt.


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