A Weekend at the Beach

Hey, all you beachlifers.  We’re having company this weekend.  That’s right, Janie and her daughter will be in town.  Somehow they found this blog and tracked me down and Facebooked me to ask about the lay of the land around here.
Naturally, I was thrilled to be of service because y’all know how I feel about life in our community and its being our secret treasure and all.  So I made a couple of recommendations about where they might like to stay and I just got an email saying they’re coming in tomorrow and are excited to explore Atlantic and Neptune Beaches! Poke around a bit; we aren’t crowded with condos like south Florida… we’re not flashy like a typical tourist town.  We’re neighborhood people, with the best beaches on the east coast in our front yard, and the intracoastal waterway in our back.  Parks galore.  It’s lifestyle, baby, and all you’ve got to do is spend a few days with us, and you’ll get it
I’m hoping for weather that’s just a little warmer than this entire winter’s been, and so that it’s a pleasant day for Janie and her daughter, for ambling around the Beaches Town Center and doing a little street shopping in our cute towns.  They’ll be like secret shoppers, these visitors, but they did ask me if we had any coffee shops, so, Shelby’s?  I’d be expecting company tomorrow if I was you.  No affront to Starbucks but it’s kind of fun to explore a city’s own, unique coffee shop when you come in to town.  I know you understand, being that you’re everywhere in the world, including the Forbidden City in Beijing, for the love of Buddha, so I kind of like to give props to the sole proprietor place whenever I’m asked.  You understand.
Beaches Town Center: you’ve got so many fun places to shop.  And me, being atlantic beachlife, I know of several other truly unique shops here at the beach.  Hidden jewels, a bit off the beaten path.  Even other beachlifers don’t know about some of these places yet.  You know that blingy bracelet I wear every day? Oh, and the stores that carry atlantic beachlife  and jacksonville beachlife tee shirts in addition to their own home and garden decor, or fun beachy gifts?  How about some cute beachwear, casual clothes and skin care?  Oh yes, we have it all right here in Atlantic, Neptune and Jacksonville Beaches.  
I’ll put together a little itinerary for you to explore and if you want a guide, I know of the perfect person for the job.
Janie:  you won’t even need to cross the ditch (that’s local-speak for leaving the island and driving across the bridge spanning the intracoastal waterway) for your weekend getaway, unless of course, you’re coming to Jacksonville and just staying at the beach.  Point is, we’ve got it all right here (except a Nordstrom, but you can live without that; I have all these years, and my shopping desires have been more than satisfied by all our local places.)
There’s so much to do here, at the beaches.  Rent bikes, scooters,  surf boards,  shopping, of course the beach, y’all, and all that the beach has to offer.  I’m just a beach reader but our wide and firm and white sand beaches are perfect for walking, biking or jogging, or pushing your companions in strollers or wheelchairs.
 Let’s not forget about our  great restaurants, and our newest: Salt Life Food Shack,  in particular; gawd, they pack ’em in nightly over there. It’s the hottest place in town for casual food and lifestyle dining.  Just go.  You’ll see what I mean.
atlantic beachlife, at your service.


  1. Karen says:

    Words cannot express my jealousy at this moment.

    Think I'm gonna browse real estate again this morning… maybe that magically little place in the sun will pop up for a song 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Sammi says:

    Ohhh how beautiful its so nice to hear someone talk about their home with such passion!

    I will take a picture tomorrow of my tee I will I will I will!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just sent my pic! But where do I get one of those bumper stickers?


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