Pacific Beachlife

You’ll have to imagine the hills, green and lush from recent rains, rising from the coast and sometimes obscuring both the ocean view and interrupting cell phone connections.  The car hugs the narrow canyon roads and takes the hairpin turns and occasionally passes magnificent homes perched on the side of the mountain.  I can feel the increasing altitude in my ears.  The mountains are alluring; as we travel, the Pacific comes into view. What must it be like to live up here, high in the mountains above the Pacific coast, a private life in the canyon, perhaps with the coastal view?
As we descend to sea level, the  waning sun yields to the ocean and becomes a  pink-gold sphere. 
During those final moments it seems to resist the horizon, and  most everyone on the beach pauses to watch. And when the ocean finally absorbs the melting sun, the sky grows saturated with its color, reflecting off the water, everyone moves about again, bathed in the pinky light of the afterglow. The chill is undeniable.  It’s February after all, but that does not deter beach lovers on any coast.  A sunset wedding in Malibu on a Valentine’s Day weekend. 
 That couple was blessed with a glorious one indeed, and after making their sandy vows in front of their guests and gawkers (atlantic beachlifer) they moved inside to the Sunset Restaurant at Zuma Beach,  and the rest of us carried on with our Saturday evening.


  1. Terra says:

    Ah, Pacific Beachlife. That is me.

  2. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …sounds heavenly…would love to have been a "gawker" right next to you! xo, mickey

  3. Nick Lulli says:

    The blog is on the road LOL!

    Nice post!

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