Officially Beachlife

beachlife  | be-ch li-fe |

a particular type or aspect of people’s existence living near a pebbly or sandy shore, esp. by the ocean.

beachlifer | be-ch li-fer |
a person who chooses to live near a pebbly or sandy shore, esp. by the ocean, for the purpose of involving one’s self in benefits of coastal life.

Oftentimes on this blog I’ve used the terms beachlife and beachlifer so regularly that I decided to formally induct them into the English language.  While at present there is no dictionary entry for them, I have created the sample listing,  and as of this moment I officially declare them  authentic words. As their originator,  I also confer the copyright of these words to me.

This distinction is important because I have been guilty of sniggering behind my hand at malapropism, grammatical errors, punctuation slaughter and the use of double negatives both in written and spoken word by other people, yet here I was, using made up words on a regular basis on atlantic beachlife

Now that beachlife and  beachlifer are actual words in the English language (according to Jeannie) let’s incorporate them into  the communal vernacular among beachlifers everywhere.  Atlantic coast, Pacific coast, the Great Lakes coast – any coastline, anywhere :  if you’ve made a purposeful decision to live in a coastal town and your body and spirit connect with the beach on a visceral level, then you are living the beachlife and may call yourself a beachlifer.

They’re real words for people like us.


  1. Karen says:

    Can I be a beachlifer, even though I live about four miles inland?

    Perhaps you could be more specific with your definition of "near".


  2. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …i so agree with karen…as usual…i am beginning to wonder about our birth parents and such! i want to be a beachlifer too. perhaps in the heart at least and i do have an atlantic beachlife sticker on my car! that counts too! xo, mickey

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