Fleeting Moments and Small Town Charm

She was drawn to the coastline where the gunmetal sky seemed stretched like a canvas to the coral painted oceanfront motel. Unexpected sunshine bathed the scene through the gentle raindrops, shimmering. She had already photographed the bright little building, its style so kitschy and evocative of a days-gone-by era, and she hadn’t noticed the emerging rainbow at first.
She was thinking about the charming motel and its vivid facade; the scene it made at the end of the street, its low-rise from the coast made prominent by its hue. She knew of its lush lawn on its wide, private ocean-facing side, that every room faced the sea and thought that if she didn’t already live here this would be a lovely place to spend a Valetine’s weekend. What she loved most about atlantic beachlife at this moment was the sparkling of the sunshine through the rain and the colorful Sea Horse Oceanfront Inn against the dark sky and then, then the rainbow caught her eye.
She scurried to a better position nearly frantic that the rainbow would evaporate before she could capture it.
It hung suspended against the blue long enough for her to take several shots. She wondered how anyone could walk away from the beach at this moment; like a child, she exclaimed to a passing couple, “oh, did you see the rainbow?!” They murmered assent as they passed, leaving the moments for her to savor alone.
The Sea Horse Oceanfront Inn is a personal favorite for budget-minded people who want the beach, the pool and everything our small towns have to offer. Free from amenities but not hospitality, I’m fond of it because so many of my family and friends have stayed there over the years, and it offers a private lawn, swimming pool, oceanfront rooms with beach access and The Lemon Bar (for motel guests and everyone else).

This sounds like an advertisment… but I’ve been privately grateful to the people there for maintaining its old-fashioned charm amidst a changing world and offering an affordable place to stay for beach lovers who like to wander our small town, too. They take good care of their guests. We’ve had medical supplies delivered there, and called for an ambulance once. It’s the kind of place where you know the first name of the person in the front office, and the room keys are old school: an actual key attached to a plastic tag with your room number imprinted on it!


Luxury accomodations are available across the street, and that will be different post on another day.


  1. Alyson and Ford says:

    I love capturing rainbows too. So special. Your photography and words are inspiring.

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. Karen says:

    Beautifully written! And I Love Old Florida…

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