It’s Saturday and There’s No Surf

When it’s too cold for surfing  there’s no surf, some of the surfers from the neighborhood play football at the park.  I showed up on their  online forum a few months ago and started posting.  I remember finding Fluidgroove back in 2000 when we first moved here. I lurked for a while back then, just to get the lay of the land; I was so excited to live in a warm climate at the beach and  the surfing culture has always intrigued me.  But I never posted anything, just read for a while and then drifted away.

Little did I know ten years ago how cold it can get here at times.  Fortunately the cold doesn’t last long and doesn’t seem to  stop the surfers – if there’s surf.  Never mind the wet suit, I can’t imagine going into the water when the air temperature is under 65 degrees, despite the fact that I’ll gladly swim in cold water, no problem, when it’s summertime.  I mean, Lake Michigan can be as cold as the ocean was yesterday, in July. An 85 degree day makes 58 degrees in the water feel bearable. But when the air temperature is 50 degrees or even less? Um, no.  But then, I’m not a surfer, and I think the psychology is different.  I wonder though: how many women surfers will suit up and get in on a cold winter’s day?  Are they as hardcore as the guys are?
So the surfers played football and I showed up to meet them in person,  and practice my photography on moving targets.  I brought my son and his friend, hoping they’d be able to join in as they both love  playing football.   But I wasn’t sure if this group of guys who didn’t know me would welcome these kids into their game.  Well, they did; they were very cool about it and let the kids be the captains and pick their teams.  And I shot, well, more than one hundred pictures and here are several of them:

These guys take surfing trips together every year to cool places like Peru and Nicaragua, where ever  the surfing is epic, I imagine.  I wish I had friends like that.

(His cute four-year-old son was just dying to get into the game with the big boys. He’ll be in there before his dad knows it.  I know.  I watched my “little boy” playing with the big boys and I swear, it was just last week that my boy was his boy’s age.)

(His wife owns the awesome boutique Rosie True, and they have an adorable daughter who was playing around the sidelines during their game, all blond and cute and four years old.)

It was great – meeting most of the guys, two of their cute kids, and chatting with some of them on the sidelines.  I was FREEZING by the end of the day,  but I had a great time practicing shooting action photography.  My son and his friend had a blast playing football with adults, and were impressed that the guys, “didn’t use any bad language.”  I think they were prepared for some rough talk from men, since my son’s heard a bit of it from his mom. But these guys?  They impressed the 13 year olds totally all the way around.  And me.  Thanks for being nice to ‘atlantic beachlife’.


  1. BOSSY says:

    Surfers playing football, eh? Yummy!

  2. Sammi says:

    Awesome pictures

  3. thorney says:

    I am so envious of your surroundings. I grew up on te beach in SoCal and I surf! I even taught my children to surf.

    Great pictures.


  4. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …surfers are a different lot…there is a tie with the ocean that really verges on the cusp of a religious experience…i can relate somewhat as i used to surf and really enjoyed the feeling of oneness with the sea, but like you i have limits…such as extreme cold that they seem not to realize:) xo, mickey…missed you!

  5. Kymmie says:

    It's been a bit – but I'm back! This recovery thing is a bit tough! But I just love reading your blog! The action shots are GREAT! I felt "there"! I don't know about your coast… but the West Coast of FL right now is absolutely FREEZING! We're down to 29 degrees tonight… and it's a COLD, RAW, WET 29!!! BRRRRrrr! Hope you guys are staying warm! Keep visiting my blog…I'm back to updating!!!!

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