Atlantic Beachlife Tee Shirt Leaves for the U.K.

Today in the Jacksonville Beach Post Office I carefully folded a snow white ‘atlantic beachlife’ tee shirt for my first international customer, Sammi.  Sammi lives in the United Kingdom and she somehow found this blog, liked the tee shirts enough to buy one and pay shipping all the way to the U.K.!
Actually, Sammi was the one entrant in the tee shirt giveaway who I was glad (at the time) didn’t win, because then I’d have to ship it all that way, remember? Turns out Sammi liked the tee enough to actually pay for it, and the shipping, and for that I’ll never forget her.   My first international customer, and I’m terribly flattered for her interest.  I’ll always remember Sammi, just as I’ll always remember that Rosie was the first person to follow this blog.  A girl never forgets such seminal events.
Watch for more news as to where you can find ‘atlantic beachlife’ tee shirts here in town.  For anyone else who’s interested?  Write to me and I’ll get one in the mail to you, too!


  1. Rosie says:

    How exciting!!! Are you starting to warm up at all yet?

  2. Sammi says:

    o0o hello! How exciting thats my postcode in that picture, yup! I can't wait for it to arrive, even if I can't wear it til it warms up here (its around 3C right now)! I will send you a photo of me wearing as soon as I receive it :o)

  3. terratrevor says:

    Jeannie, I love the comment you offered about me reading through your back pages, and about you finding your voice and the process of atlantic beachlife evolving.

    I’m an old writer with a long history and new to blogging and –

    I’m beginning to find my rhythm!

  4. Fearless Nester says:

    How cool…it's like a little bit of you gets to vicariously enjoy the UK! –Lili

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