A Watermelon Martini for Jeannie

Recently I discovered that I like watermelon martinis very much.
I hadn’t wanted to want to stop; I just wanted to continue on home.  But I was wearing a little black dress, and we were returning from an early evening cocktail party, and it was only 9:00pm as  we turned onto Ocean Blvd. from Atlantic, and then he spied an open parking place right across the street from Ocean 60. Before I could talk him out of it, he’d parked the car and wasn’t going to be taking no for an answer.  We were not ending his evening out this early.
So I thought I’d humor him.  I would order a Diet Pepsi and smile while he’d sample whatever drink he’d had in mind, and then he’d be satisfied and we could go home.
So I could do… what, again?  Fold some laundry?  Sweep the kitchen floor?  Seriously, what was I thinking?
I heard him order a watermelon martini and thought a watermelon martini, are you kidding me?  We sat at the bar in the cozy Ocean 60, an intimate and elegant restaurant on Ocean Boulevard in Atlantic Beach: one side for quiet dining, the other side for quiet drinks. Sometimes there’s live music that’s appropriate for the atmosphere of a room that is small and sophisticated.  I’d actually been there before, but not in quite some time.  It occupies the corner of a short block of shops and a couple of other restaurants, each with unique offerings for various palates, price points, occasions and mood.

Ocean 60’s  Martini Bar and Wine Room was the perfect place for us on this night.  I just didn’t know it yet.  The bartender placed this pink confection of alcohol with a perfect cherry in front of my husband and I couldn’t believe he’d ordered such a drink.  Just a few minutes in the place had softened my resolve to hurry home, and besides, I needed to take a sip of this pink drink my husband had ordered.

He took a sip, and then I did and that was all it took for the drink to become mine.  Within ten minutes of arriving I was settled in to my place at the bar and in no mood to go home and do, what again? Fold laundry? Sweep the floor?  Um, no.

One watermelon martini later I was asking for another and by this time he’d ordered a proper man’s cocktail and I was having fun being out at night in a little black dress.  Remind me again why I needed to get home? On a Saturday night?
The music came on and the trio played a set during which time we talked and laughed and enjoyed our cocktails. Naturally the Little Canon Elph was along for the ride and snapped many fun shots of the dark room and glistening bar and the pretty pretty martini in its glass, so sweet and delectable, like cotton candy gently laced with alcohol. The bartender whipped up a couple more martinis
 and I’m not sure what he thought about the girl with the camera snapping photos of every other thing that caught her eye 
but, being a gentleman bartender in an elegant martini bar and wine room I can only imagine the stories he could tell.

I’d thought my husband was kidding the kids when he’d told them we’d be home by midnight – by midnight?, they’d echoed, astounded. They hadn’t believed him and neither had I – but it was, indeed a very early 12:00am when we entered our home that night and you know what?  I had no desire to fold the laundry whatsoever.


  1. Karen says:

    Sounds like a great night… we need one of those!!… except will I even FIT into my little black dress?! *sigh*

    Have you ever tried a French martini? Oh, man, they've made me a believer…of what, I couldn't tell you, except for those martinis..lol..

    My kids make fun of us all the time because we're usually home by nine, in bed by 10-ish watching TV or reading.

  2. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …wow, what a fun night and what a yummy sounding drink. you look like you are relaxed and having a great time…we do need those nights out to ourselves don't we? xo, mickey

  3. Cari says:

    Love this post!!

  4. Owlhaven says:

    You are making me grin. Glad you had a fun night. And now I am off to google watermelon martinis. Because ya never know…


  5. Colleen says:


    Good story . . . I'm always amazed at your creativity. Hope all is well.

  6. Terra says:

    Jeannie, great story and writing. I love it. Ah, your night-life community leaves me begging for more.

    The post you left me at "River" is another good story in-process. I guess this is the number one reason blogging is so powerful, we can be a part of the communities that feed our soul, that we can contribute to, and take from, and learn and grow and laugh with. Anyway, that's my starting point, and my goal, with both my "Terra" and "River" blogs. But I have so darn much work needing attending, writing deadlines pending, long hours at the youth crisis shelter. Meanwhile, I'm learning from you the art of blogging and commenting.

    And I almost skipped out without Thanking you! I love what you are teaching me.

  7. Sammi says:

    Looks like you had an awesome time Jeannie, watermelon martinis sound yummy!

    PS- I will send you a picture of my lovely top soon!x

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