Once in a Blue Moon…

…does a full moon rise twice in the same month, and how often does that happen at sunset,  on a New Year’s Eve?

Next Blue Moon on New Year's Eve will be in 2028...
(photo borrowed from NPR)

I was prepared to get my perfect shot – that blue moon emerging from the mighty ocean into a twilight sky –  though the prevalent cloudiness did show weak patches of blue and light   as the afternoon rolled into evening.  I wandered the streets of the Beaches Town Center, going in and out of the shops  and taking pictures of the street scene on this mild late afternoon.   I knew my blue moon photograph existed now solely in my mind and not on the front page of The Beaches Leader or prominently on my Flickr page.
Luckily, The BookMark was open so I spent some time fondling all the books I wish I had room for in my home.

In fact, I wish I had a library wall like this at home…but that’s unlikely so I’ll content myself with a few good titles and some interesting book talk with the staff who always have some recommendations.  Owner Rona Brinlee is interviewed by Susan Stamberg of NPR twice a year for a segment on a group of independent booksellers’ recommended reading for summer, and the holidays.  If I can’t have a library wall at home, an independent book store in my home town is the next best thing.  I can honestly say I love the both the library, and the book store in equal measure.
(can you find Jeannie in this picture?)

After The BookMark I went over to the beach.  What if the clouds happened to break for a few moments and I missed it?  Well, they didn’t but it was still nice to spend some time at the beach on the last day of the decade, even if that darned blue moon won’t come round again until 2028.
It was damp and a little misty by the time that blue moon rose behind the clouds, but the beach was calling me so I walked  over and stood on the Neptune Beach side of Atlantic (what happened to the c ?) Blvd.
A few people were out and about as the weak winter sun left a washed pink glow in the western sky.
It was a nice way to end the decade, actually.  We moved to Atlantic Beach in early 2000.  I was determined that we would settle at the beach, and I’ve never for a moment regretted that choice.  I remember looking at homes that were bigger and better…but they weren’t here and having this wonderful place to call my home has been worth the trade off in square feet and granite.  The beaches – Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach and Jacksonville Beach – have a true sense of place, with a genuine history and not from some developer’s master plan.  In 2010, I’ll be treating you to glimpses of our area that’ll have you planning your next vacation or day trip to our beaches and shops.  Whenever we come home from our trips away, I’m always thankful that this is where we get to come home to: atlantic beach-life.

post edit:

(another blue moon will come in 2012; but another blue moon on New Years Eve? 2028.  i hope i’ll be alive to see it.)


  1. Fearless Nester says:

    We've been looking at visiting St. Augustine to check it out for a future Winter escape. You are clearly in your element right there on Atlantic Beach. Happy New Year Jeannie! –Lili

  2. Sammi says:

    I saw the Blue Moon last night whilst dancing around our village clock (traditions) it looked amazing. I didn't think to get a picture.

  3. Terra says:

    Wonderfully fun.

    And then I went back and read from your first post, and then about hair and stockings, loving watching the pages evolve.

  4. BOSSY says:

    Bossy was all excited about the blue moon and then… AND THEN… and then it rained and the blue moon was behind a white cloud. Pfft.

  5. Michele R says:

    I had to plan a Blue Moon party for New Year's Eve. It was cold and overcast but we did some fireworks at 10:30 for a pre-show and the sky parted for just a minute to see it. The next one is in August of 2012–they do happen every 2.7 years, BUT the next time it falls on 12/31 is in 19 more years. I told Hubs we would celebrate big about retirement, perhaps?
    Happy New Year!

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