Beachlife Tee Shirts Now Available

This one’s for the locals (but the rest of you, stick around!) Do you know this store?  If not, you should.  I’ve been a fan of it for a long time.  You might remember it from its more visible location a few years ago,  on Third Street, just south of Beach Blvd. – the big yellow house?  It’s now a pediatric medical practice and MOS is twelve blocks west of Third St., south of Beach Blvd. at 29 12th St South, in Jacksonville Beach ~ 247-6672.
I’ve loved MOS long before it displayed the Atlantic Beachlife and Jacksonville Beachlife tee shirts.

 But here is where you can find them and they’re the perfect fit for her shop: interesting, eclectic, unique items for your home, a few distinctive things to wear, plants for your tabletop and plants for your landscape, wonderful accessories to trim your home all year around – really, the perfect browsing shop.

I arrange activities itineraries for visitors sometimes and it’s fun to put together a shop-the-beaches tour.  The first time I did this was for a group of auto dealer wives, and MOS was one of our stops.  I started going there again regularly this Fall, when I found her new location.  I love to just wander the place, looking for inspiration.
I love coming in with a Starbucks,  plop myself down on the couch that’s situated near the back of the store and page through her House Beautifuls for a while. I feel like I’m in a cool conservatory, filled  with plants and eclectic home/garden design items, and I’m comfortable there, daydreaming for a while. Later, I’ll meander the shop, marvel at owner Lourdes’ creativity, and think about how I’d  interpret things at home. More than a few MOS items live with us now.   Spending time in  MOS  ignites my ideas, helps me to  create something special and unique  in my home. It’s fun, and it makes me happy.

Being able to pick up a little something special is what I value about the sole proprietor boutique store, and that’s what I love about being in this shop. Everything there is distinctive and is displayed with such a  creative twist.  I’ve watched Lourdes work with  customers – she’s got an easy rapport with people – and they leave the store with a great gift or thing for their home, wrapped up prettily, and mighty pleased, too.  Because you’re not going to find these cool pieces or a creative partner at Home Goods.  And, you sure aren’t going to find your Beachlife tee shirts at any other store besides MOS.


MOS is a  shopper’s gem, but seriously, don’t worry if the whole shopping thing just overwhelms you.  It’s the perfect venue for the non-shopper too. If you need a gift, or just want something new for your home or garden, go over to MOS and put yourself in Lourdes’ hands. She’ll set you up with whatever you need in short order and you’ll be on your way in no time: mission accomplished, happy, and carrying something interesting.  I love shops like that, too, when I’m not in the mood, or in a terrible hurry but need something good. 
It’s a space filled with simply something for everyone.
 Atlantic Beachlife and Jacksonville Beachlife tee shirts are $21.99.  Lourdes loves them, I love them, and if you show your love them by buying them, then I’ll get some Neptune Beach tees  there too. They look great worn alone, or now, when it’s chilly, layered overtop a long-sleeved tee shirt.
If you can’t make it to MOS (like you live in Texas or the U.K.), message me at and I’ll get you set right up.


  1. Karen says:

    Well congractulations on going public!… great shirts, best of luck with them.. and I LOVE stores like that.

  2. mcat says:

    Your shirts look right at home in that store.

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