The Blue Angels: My Last Word

This Blue Angel made a lovely ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ trail.
Interpretation: mine.

Quite possibly, these Blue Angels posts are getting to be a bit tedious for whoever happens to read them. So I thank you for indulging me as I post a few final photos and thoughts about this bi-annual event that grabs me by the heart and doesn’t let go till the last loud jet zooms off into the ether.
And then some little part of me goes, “Will I even be alive in 2011, to see this show again?
It just makes me wonder.

So, I didn’t bother fighting the traffic to the grandstand area; instead I wandered over to our beach, which is about four and a half miles north of the performance area. I wasn’t alone. Many people were on the beach, enjoying the breezy afternoon, socializing, spectating, fishing, and even swimming, while watching the Angels as they flew straight overtop us before looping back to do their stunts for the crowd.

It’s amazing how piercingly loud the jets are, and how they seemingly come out of nowhere and suddenly they are straight above you and about to break the sound barrier. I wasn’t the only person to drop her camera and clap her hands over her ears in utter reflexive reaction (thank God for sturdy camera straps).

(these jets were straight above me and oh, so loud! awesome.)



  1. Fearless Nester says:

    Very awesome! Love the ones taken directly above you too!

  2. Lars says:

    How cool is that! And the fact that people can swim in November outside…I am green with envy right now. The two states I bounce back and forth from (ID and AK) their waters are cold. AK is a no go ever unless I want hypothermia. ID where I lifeguarded on the lake it was in the 50's-low 60's till the end of July.

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