Surfboard Tricks

Can you do this?
He reluctantly allowed me to photograph his trick. I met him on the beach, and he spends a lot of time surfing. And chatting.

He was friendly, and a bit of an eccentric fellow who’s been around these parts a long time. He observed me photographing my friend and others, and chatted me up while I tried to keep my eyes on the water. I didn’t have much success with my pictures, but he was a rather unconventional dude and when he performed this trick, I had to snap it. He said I could post it on my blog (“the Internet”) but didn’t want his name used.
It was an changeable day; sunshine to the north and foreboding clouds to the south; great waves, a glistening sea, and an upbeat mood among the Wednesday surfers, mostly men and boys, hurriedly going into the water, probably expecting the storm that never did come.
I thought about how lovely it was to be on the beach on a mid-November day, barefoot, in shorts, and standing knee-deep in the water attempting to get some decent surfing pictures. After ten years here, I’m still so glad that I don’t have to face long, dark winter months ahead. We have sunshine and cooler weather coming, which equals perfect to me.

And surfing in November without a wetsuit. I love it.


  1. Mickey Johnson says:

    …uuuummmm…talented guy! mild winters are nice, but the hot summers i could easily do without! xo, mickey

  2. Fearless Nester says:

    My husband told me there will come a day when we will be snow birds…he's the one that plows the snow. Thanks to the recent storm from down your way, we've been having unseasonably warm temperatures! Beautiful photos…love the stormy skies and the talented surfer guy.

  3. Malta Beaches says:

    that's so cool!

    Mild winters are the best in my opinion. We went for a picnic today and it was real hot … nothing like winter sun to brighten up your day 🙂

    Nice blog btw 🙂



  4. Lars says:

    Man oh man what I would give right now to be on a beach in FL basking in the warmth and sun….sigh…dreaming will have to do for now.

  5. mcat says:

    Only a northerner can truly appreciate the south in November.

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