Sea and Sky Spectacular, Jacksonville Beach

If you haven’t made it to Jacksonville Beach to see all the amazing air show performers, it’s not too late. The show will start on Sunday, November 8 at 9:30 am at the oceanfront where Beach Boulevard meets the beach. Come early for good parking. You can poke around the side streets, especially south of Beach Boulevard to find some random free parking like I did this morning. You’ll just want to carry a beach chair, and you’ll walk a couple of blocks and cross over to the beach where you can watch the festivities if you don’t mind being exactly front and center of the action. You’ll still see plenty that’ll thrill you. The beach is beautiful; it was a luminous morning today.
I was watching from from the beach at about 17th Avenue South and saw the first performers of the day, The Red Devils.
These guys are stationed along the beachfront to prevent people from entering the water during the air show. But you are free to get comfy with your chair, camera, binoculars and a picnic!

The U.S. Navy Blue Angels Fat Albert will be the penultimate performer. The show ends at 3:30 pm after the U.S. Navy Blue Angels do their thing, and that will be it for us, here at the beach, until 2011.

(The videos below are compliments of the little Canon Elph and shows a couple of maneuvers of the Blue Angels’ practice show. The two jets in the last part of the first video below were flying very slowly – at 120 mph – in front of the crowd…thus the “soundtrack” Slow Ride being blasted from the speakers to the crowd. Props to the little Canon Elph, whose primary mission in photography is not videography, for taking several serviceable videos of the Blue Angels practice show.)


  1. Anonymous says:

    Great videos. What a wonderful event at beachlife.

  2. Drawn to The Sea says:

    Rolling at 450 mph, imagine that!
    I'm going to have chillbumps all day!

    They draw such pretty pictures in the sky 🙂


  3. Rachel M. says:

    very cool!

  4. Fearless Nester says:

    Very cool!

  5. Mickey Johnson says:

    …awesome! too bad we aren't closer…my boys would have loved that…and especially at one of our favorite places…the beach! xo, mickey

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