Play to Win!

Last summer I did “My Midsummer Giveaway”, which was hosted by Nicholas Landon Jewelry. She was the person who donated the nautical-styled leather and pearl bracelet (that was featured in the pages of a summer 2009 issue of Food and Wine Magazine. Impressive!) Well, now you’ve got another chance to win, and this time she’s hosting it at her own site (just Google it, since, regrettably, Blogger is not allowing me to create live links).

I own two of her leather and pearl necklaces, each adorned with a different pewter charm. I wear one of them every day, either alone, or paired with differently-styled necklace and I just love the look for a beachlife esthetic. (But it works in any locale.)
The giveaway item is one of her new designs, featuring a stamped charm that will be inscribed with whatever you desire (providing it fits!). You can read about it over at her blog (
They’re shown as nautical markers, but I thought immediately of two things I should like inscribed on them if I win (which I certainly won’t because then it would seem rigged, no?!).
I’d do either atlantic beachlife or my favorite mile marker from some place I love in the Florida Keys. Can’t you just see that? Mile Marker 0 is Key West, but I’d pick the mile marker of my favorite snorkeling spot (MM 77).
All of her necklaces and bracelets are unique, hand-made by a wonderful person (not massed produced in China for Wal-Mart) who I’ve gotten to know through my blog. I can personally endorse her quality work and I hope you all will wander over to her place, take a look at her treasures, and enter her giveaway.
What do you have to lose? You could be the winner! (Or I could too, ’cause I’m playing to win.)


  1. Mickey (Michel) Johnson says:

    …hey girl…thanks for the shout out. i will be sure and list you as a bloggey friend who yakked about our give away. take care and lot's of hugs! xo, mickey

  2. Maya says:

    I didn't know that her jewelry had been featured @ Food and Wine Magazine. How great!!

  3. Fearless Nester says:

    I just love Mickey's creations!!

  4. sarah { abeachcottage } says:

    wow, they are gorgeous!


  5. mcat says:

    I bought one of her necklaces that I like so much too!

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