Here I Discuss Good Art, Tell You About a Wonderful Piece You Might Like, and Ruminate on Talent

Atlantic Beach has so many great parks, and has such a community soul that even if there was no beach at its eastern border I’d love it still. This park is just a lovely, rambling open area of grass and trees in the middle of the neighborhood and it hosts an art fair every year. Local people, showing such talent that takes my breath away. In comparison I sometimes feel as though I’ve wasted my life and have nothing to show for it. What is my talent? Painters, photographers, textile artists (hello, mommy, and I know you tried with me…) I need something creative to put my name on, and proudly display.

Random sidebar: If you love Scrabble and mosaic art…and grew up watching The Brady Bunch, then there is an awesome piece of art that you must buy, and I’ll be happy to put you in touch with the artist. She’s created the most clever Brady Bunch-esque Scrabble board wall art made from shards of broken pottery; a wonderful piece that calls for an owner who probably needs to love the Bradys and Scrabble in equal measure. It’s not large…maybe 14″ X 14″ and of course, if I’m blathering on about it I ought to have a picture…but seriously, if this is of interest to you just leave a comment and we’ll go from there. She always sells out most of her work – she’s that good – but because this piece isn’t as generic as say, a pineapple or something beachy, she hadn’t sold it in a couple of years. It’s such a fabulous, eye-catching part of her display. I just love it but I know it doesn’t belong with me. Her creativity is amazing and I have thought about it many times in the last year and a half.

She has no idea that I’m writing this; heck, she barely knows me. But she’s a Facebook friend, so I suppose there’s a chance she’ll catch this post via Facebook. But whatever. The mosaic is a terrific piece of art for the right person. I’d love to know where it finally ends up. I wouldn’t be surprised if she just kept it. After all, the concept emanated from her so she’s got to have an affinity for the theme, don’t you think?

It’s fun being surprised by the disparate group of people, neighbors or others who I might recognize from church, or the pool, or seen walking on the beach, people I know nothing about, suddenly (to me) appear as exhibitors at an art fair, or selling their culinary wares ($6.99 for a bag of tasty, homemade granola, baked by a mother-daughter duo, during the midnight hour in an oven they rent from a local restaurant during its ‘closed’ time). It gets to me when I see their talent and success and compare it with my – what? I don’t have anything tangible to offer other than this blog. I hate to admit that I often leave these events with my happy mood evaporated, feeling quite useless and deflated.

But I’ll live to write another day. And if this blog exists as more or less a quiet place with the very nice people who do come and leave such sweet comments, so be it. And if my creative skills run only to repurposing household items with a small can of spray paint, then I’ll learn to be glad of that. Because of my spray paint I have learned that yes I can still enjoy the art I’d bought and framed years ago, but had hidden away because I’d come to loathe the color blue. But for a buck-nineteen, I can change all that.

My favorite local framer, Chao Framing on Third Street in Jacksonville Beach, takes care of the new mat and backing for just a few more bucks. And just like that…new art for us!

So goodbye, baby blue. What was I thinking? It’s nothing but black, these days, my little can of paint, and my newly created gallery wall. I can’t claim the art as my own, but at least I know how to make a gallery wall.


  1. Rachel M. says:

    Perhaps it's not something to sell at an art festival but you do have a fantastic way of writing about cool places in Florida that makes me itch to go visit them!

    Speaking of art fairs, ours have become so commercial; I like seeing the mom/daughter teams and people who have made stuff out of their homes. I'm seeing way to many companies and it feels like the line is blurred between single proprietor business (ie someone working as an individual) and established companies working the festival unit to gain corporate exposure.

    Sounds like you have a pretty good thing in your neck of the woods!

  2. Drawn to The Sea says:

    So I'm wondering… have you tried making paper?

    Big talents impress other people. But when you come right down to it, isn't it the little talents, the ones that make our own selves very happy in our homes & worlds, that really count?

    That's what I tell my own little self 🙂

  3. Drawn to The Sea says:

    (p.s.) I AM one of those "other people" who are impressed by big talents 🙂

  4. Fearless Nester says:

    This is not a blog of someone without talent. A lot of talented people are often their own worst critics though … perhaps this is true with you, our dear writer and tour guide extraordinare!

  5. Mickey Johnson says:

    …talented my friend, you are…hard on yourself my friend, you are…a sucess in the things that matter in life my friend, you definitely are! we all start out little and many of us stay that way…it makes it more personal, more a part or extension of ourselves…your path is being prepared…enjoy the ride, take in each moment and keep writing from your heart! my love, mickey

  6. Elle says:

    Hi there,
    I followed your comment on cjane over here to your blog. At the risk of sounding like a weirdo- I share your feelings on finding that kind of Catholic mom connection that the young Mormon moms seem to have. I have a blog but it's quite boring and not often posted to- even though I think my life is not boring and unattended to, ha ha. Anyway, I'd post my email but both of them involve my real last name. I'd love to discuss this more. Hmmm.

  7. Susie from Bienvenue says:

    Glad you liked the wreaths…Copy away…it makes me feel special…smiles~

  8. Karen says:

    Would love to see pictures! The park sounds wonderful… is there a web address for that art?

  9. Brooke says:

    hihi 🙂
    I'm coming over from cjane's to check out your space. I noticed one of the above commenters picked up on the Catholic/Mormon mom connection — I don't feel that, as I don't have any children and am not really religious, but I do find that having those points of view out there has enriched my own understanding of people in general. It's hard to fathom why everyone would want everyone else to think exactly the same way.

    (btw, I'm up in GA, so not too far off!)

  10. Barbara Jacksier says:

    As Oscar Wilde once said. "Be Yourself. Everyone else is taken."

  11. Elle says:

    Jeannie- you see, what I'm seeing here is your art- the art of communicating, expressing yourself in wonderful words and phrases, connecting with people. It might be a quieter, less showy art- but it's there!

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