Romancing the Springs

Blue Springs, Gilchrist County, Florida
I’ve been trying to think of a clever and amusing way to write about my summer romance, but the weeks go by and the words don’t come. So I decided I’d just give it to you straight, because I do want to post while I’m still in the throes of my newfound crush: the Florida springs.
I’d been to the Ichetucknee River several times. Everyone knows of Ichetucknee and a summer tube run down the Ichetucknee River is on many people’s summer agenda. We went twice, this summer, actually. Not everyone, however, visits the headspring at Ichetucknee but for us, no Ichetucknee trip is complete without a swim in the headspring. Cold, clear and marvelously refreshing, I’ve got to dive right in and keep swimming, but once I do it’s near euphoria.
Our first trip to the Ichetucknee River and springs this summer prompted another visit to a nearby springs, and then another. Soon, I was Googling Florida springs and obsessing over which springs would be best for swimming and snorkeling. I was like a girl in love. I talked springs springs springs, driving my water-neutral husband a bit batty.
I’d been happy as can be to enjoy my little corner of world, and while I do go into the ocean…it just doesn’t affect the part of my spirit that craves a freshwater frolic on a hot summer day.
I’ve missed swimming in those freshwater lakes so rife in Michigan. I’ve missed the biggest and best of them all: my Lake Michigan.
Lake Michigan, July 2009
stated temperature: 58 degrees
There’s nothing more euphoric, for me, than plunging underwater in clear, cool Lake Michigan on a hot summer day.

Lake Michigan, cool and clear.
But during annual summer visits to Michigan my opportunities to grab a block of time to just be, at the beach, swimming, have been frustratingly limited. However, this past July afforded me not one but two perfect summer afternoons on the Lake Michigan shore.
What a girl wants for a day on the beach.
So, when I discovered the other Florida this summer, the luscious springs, I fell hard for them. In this water, I can swim. In this water, I can snorkel, see fish and plant life. It’s crystal clear. It’s utterly refreshing. The springs bubble at their point of origin. The water is generally blue-green, like tropical waters. It is 72 degrees year round. And when you come from the north where summer lake temps range from the mid-50s to about ‘springs temps’ on a good day…you can handle springs water temperature just fine. It’s an invigorating change from late summer ocean temps of well into the mid 80s.
Manatee Springs
I’ll leave you with a few more pictures, and more to come about springs. I’m in love, I tell you!
Silver Glen Springs
Blue Springs

Rainbow Springs (below)


  1. Karen says:

    oooh, now I'm in love too…

  2. Rosie says:

    They sound wonderful. I have been a river girl growing up so these sound exciting—cold though!! I am not sure my toes would like it!

  3. Rachel M. says:

    I think you'd like California beaches, they are also very cold! You have me itching to check out these springs!

  4. Jan says:

    beautiful pictures…glad you are enjoying the weekend….looks like a good time

  5. Drawn to The Sea says:

    Manatee Springs… a blast from my past. I was 8 eight years old, but I still remember how wonderful it was.


  6. Mickey Johnson says:

    …so cool and inviting…i'm ready to jump in! xo, mickey

  7. Owlhaven says:

    What gorgeous pictures!!


  8. Colleen says:

    Beautiful pictures that do entice one to the deep blue sea–cold, refreshing blue water.May I come to Florida next summer to swim?

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