Gettin’ Naked at Naked Spring

That’s exactly what I’m going to do the next time I go to Blue Springs. I’ll need my husband along (hey, maybe this is what’ll entice the guy to come happily on a springs trip) to stand lookout but swimming naked in this tiny spring called Naked Spring is on my things-to-do-in-the-near-future list. No bucket list for me; I don’t care to think of it in those terms. I rather like the idea of a personal manifesto; swimming without a bathing suit in this spring is definitely on mine.

I may just do it before the end of this year.

Let me explain.

I knew there were two other springs, lesser ones, on the grounds at Blue Springs park. I’ve been so enamored of Blue Springs, though, that I hadn’t wandered about in search of them. Last Saturday I did. And oh! What a jewel I stumbled upon.

Naked Spring is off the beaten path, set further back in the woods and is perfectly secluded so shedding a swimsuit (and hurriedly donning it if need be) shouldn’t be a problem. A lookout will be able to alert me to any encroachers before they arrive at the floating dock.

(just playing with tones in photoshop)
The spring is small, and it’s marvelously enclosed by trees and other flora, creating a sense of real solitude. It has an absolutely lovely clear blue pool with a fairly deep cave (or vent) to float over and watch the goings-on beneath the surface.

(Neither of those girls is me. But this is a great way to take in the view below. Notice the clear water and reflection of the trees surrounding the spring! We were ecstatic when we found this out-of-the-way surprise spring.)

You share the seclusion with only the lovely woods and wildlife.
If ever a place entices me to skinny dip, this is it. And it seems like a perfectly natural thing to do there. Could there be any other reason why they called it Naked Spring? I wonder.


  1. Fearless Nester says:

    OMGosh…loving that shot of the turtles. And enjoy just how delighted you are to have found this special place!

  2. Pam says:

    Okay…so I love the fact that you LOVE the springs….but what about alligators and snakes????? Do they exist in YOUR springs or do you just ignore them and hope that they ignore you?????
    Pam E. – wimpy girl!!!!

  3. Jan says:

    great blog…..great pictures

  4. Jeannie says:

    No. No allligators or snakes in any spring I am in!

    I refuse to entertain the possibility…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the picture with the turtles!!!! How utterly wonderful!


  6. Rachel M. says:

    Good point and cute turtles! Can't say I've ever heard of an alligator in the springs but defiantly heard tragic tales of snorkelers in canals getting hurt by alligators so I stay out of the canals.

  7. Mickey Johnson says:

    …wow, that title sure got my attention:) i think you could entice your honey along with that little dangling apple! love the pics and the tones you are playing with. my show went really well and i am super tired, but i've got lots of orders to fill…yippee! xo, mickey


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