The Last of Hurricane Bill, Evening Edition

Darn it all, my favorite neighborhood surfer told me that the waves spawned by Bill today were, “Epic. The best I’ve seen in a long time.” He surfed and said it was thrilling. And where I was I when I should have been on the beach with my camera?

In the house.

So tonight I stopped by to have a look and while the surf has subsided considerably, it was another “million dollar” evening on the shores of Atlantic Beach.

Regrettably both the Canon Rebel and the Little Canon Elph were at home, so once again, the ever faithful iPhone camera came to my rescue.

Perhaps the waves are now past their peak for the hardcore surfers, but they’re still alluring. And as always, it was a night for everyone at the beach, backlit by the western sunset. A chalky pink colored the edges of the sky while people gathered, doing their own thing before darkness came.

Lovers, watching the perfect waves unfurl.

This next image was so poignant on so many levels. As I go through my days here at the beaches I see the diversity of people who live here: families and singles; students and slackers; new couples, elderly couples, older people who’re active, and those who can no longer get around unassisted. Empty nesters and families with littles. Teenagers. Gay people, straight people, some people of color. We’re a little less diverse on the color spectrum but hopefully that’ll change as we move ahead.

When I saw this pair moving along, enjoying the gorgeousness of the beach as daylight dimmed along with everyone else, I was so glad I’d gotten a new photography app called Camera Genuis. This allows the trusty iPhone’s 3 megapixel camera to actually zoom in on your subject, so I hurriedly set it up and took the liberty of capturing this couple as they glided across the sand. I think iPhone did a very nice job given her inherent limitations (plus the available light was fading fast, and the zooming exacerbates the graininess of the photo):

“Every picture tells a story, don’t it?” -Rod Stewart

It touched me deeply.


  1. Karen says:

    Beautiful post. And I needed a reminder today of just how grateful I should be.

  2. Rachel M. says:

    That last picture is really nice.

  3. Drawn to The Sea says:

    I hope someone will do that for me when the time comes. What a wonderful image.


  4. Mickey Johnson says:

    …what a touching image of love. thank you for sharing! xo, mickey

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