My Midsummer Giveaway Winner…Part Duex

Because I’m so lame about these things and my tech support person is taking a nap, I decided to go ahead and post the winner of my first giveaway via the Random Number Generator so everyone would see the result. Problem is once I cut and pasted the widget to the ‘new post’ I couldn’t get the cursor out of the number generator’s box to write text, so…I just posted it all alone, and made this the rest of the story.

So, the winner is…# 9, Anonymous… who signed her post, Zurg. Calling Zurg, who says she loves my blog (!): you are the winner! Come out and claim your prize. I’ll put you in touch with Mickey at Nicholas Landon Jewelry and you can decide which bracelet you love the most.

And Mickey: big hugs for sponsoring my first giveaway! Your jewelry is totally great, and you’ve been such a nice blog supporter / friend to me. Gracias, merci beaucoup, grazie, kamsahamnida and xie xie. Thanks to you in Spanish, French, Italian, Korean and Chinese.

It was really fun reading everyone’s comments about their summer plans. I love summer and it’s coming to an end, figuratively, here at atlantic beachlife. The kids start school on August 15 (that’s just too early) and life reverts to its more orderly and routine counterpart that the academic year requires. My inherent nature chafes at the the constraints these responsiblities place on us! I like an impromptu life!

So we’re soaking up the fun til the last day because once school starts, it suddenly feels like Fall; 95 degrees and sticky notwithstanding. It’s terribly confusing for me!

Congrats to you, the Anonymous Zurg! Happy Summer everyone.


  1. Anonymous says:

    I WON????!!! I never ever win anything!!! OMG!!! I'm thrilled! Thank you!!!!

    Anonymous Zurg

  2. mcat says:

    Summer is mine, every unstructured minute of it, and I always appreciate it!

    Congrats to Zurg on your win. Maybe the piece will give you that summer vibe all year long.

  3. Mickey Johnson says:

    …congrats to zurg…contact me and i will get to work on your bracelet right away. thanks so much to everyone for leaving a comment about your summer plans and activities…i loved reading them…a very special thanks to my sweet friend here at atlantic beachlife…i appreciate your graciousness to host this and as always, your kindred spirit… xo, mickey

  4. I'm Julia says:

    Giveaway? I guess I missed a couple of posts while indisposed. Yay for you, Zurg! Jeannie & Mickey, so kind.

  5. CathyH says:

    congratulations on the win Zurg!
    I haven't had to turn my AC on all summer! Lots of rain here in TN. School starts soon and having to reschedule all my students for evening lessons

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