And After Ana, Bill…

…another named storm, the second of the season, is brewing in the Atlantic. Tropical Storm Bill has organized behind Ana.
[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]
Julia, of I’m Julia, commented about how she loves storms, and that got me to thinking…really, why worry? I can’t influence the storm’s track; I can be prepared, and then look for the interesting, I suppose. Interesting surf, surly skies, lots of rain. Free irrigation!
I am not going to focus on falling trees or storm surge or roofs blowing off in fierce winds. I need to develop a thicker skin around hurricane season because it’s going to go where it will. And while I’m always relieved when its course becomes clear that it’s not barreling towards Jacksonville’s beaches, my heart always goes out to the residents who are in the storm’s path.
[Image of 5-day forecast and coastal areas under a warning or a watch]
You know, when your community experiences the turbulence of a tropical storm or hurricane there’s a wonderful sense of camaraderie and supportiveness amongst neighbors.
Last year we lost a young woman who was visiting the Atlantic/Neptune Beach area and decided to swim in the ocean’s waves generated by Tropical Storm Fay. Please, people, when the waves are no longer surfable: don’t go into the ocean. Stand safely on the beach with your camera, like me.


  1. I'm Julia says:

    Exactly. All we can do is be prepared, sit back & watch the show (hopefully safely). A healthy concern is absolutely necessary. But even if things really get scary in the midst of a blow, the power of nature is an amazing thing to experience.

    And you're so right, a storm can revitalize community spirit… re-meeting your neighbors, strangers coming to the aid of strangers, most doing whatever they can to assist each other. After Ike, even children were eager to help man the PODs to help hand out ice and food. They got out of line, and volunteered.

  2. Maya says:

    I would live down south in a heartbeat…, but the storms do keep me away…, I let them, for now at least.

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