Sunset Tide

Following early evening summer showers, the twilight coaxed me from a messy kitchen and air conditioning. I grabbed the Canon Rebel and two of the kids and we walked over to the beach.

Light changes so quickly after the sun sets. The afterglow from the sunset cast a pastel hue over the incoming tide. The air was misty from rain.
My house is a mere 1,300 feet from this beach. This is my tenth summer on this beach and my heart still does a flip-di-dip when I come across the boardwalk and it comes into full view.
Although we had to leave precious family behind when we relocated, I knew from the first that if we were coming to Jacksonville, we would live here.

No planned, gated communities for me but an organic one. One with a past, and a soul. A place where neighbors can leave their popsicle-colored beach cruisers propped against a tree while they scamper out onto the sand.
Or a place where you can take that bike for a spin on the sand, if that’s what you prefer.
A place where the public beach access is clearly marked at every block. Some with parking. Others with rinsing showers.
How I ended up here is a stroke of luck, or maybe, God’s way of showing me that my dreams did come true – one by one by one.
In Atlantic Beach’s gift shops you’ll often find signs that people buy for their homes: “If You’re Lucky Enough to Live at the Beach, You’re Lucky Enough.” And although such a sign doesn’t suit my own personal style, I do take that motto to heart.


  1. I'm Julia says:

    What an idyllic community life, like stepping back in time.

    I would trade my 6 steps to the pool for 1300 steps to the ocean in a heartbeat… in a warm climate, of course 😉

  2. Mickey Johnson says:

    ok, now you made me jealous again!!! xo, mickey

  3. Karen says:

    Love this post. Love the notion, hope someday to put it in motion myself 🙂 One by one by one…

  4. Sink says:

    Absolutely beautiful!! It must feel amazing to know you are where you are "supposed" to be.

    Great job, Jeannie!


  5. Rosie says:

    Your photos are stunning! The color is amazing. I just love the cruiser! I have a bike shop that I visit when we go to CA. It is full of custom painted cruisers. Someday I am going to get one–not really anywhere to ride them where I live! My Mom gave me a darling card with a pink cruiser– I think I am going to frame it!!

    Keep taking the pictures—they are super!

  6. Jan says:

    wish you were here with the kids…we need some comic relief….I love your have a real gift…
    keep on posting those pictures.
    Oh by the way…I loved the message from your dad..that was just precious…Jan

  7. mrs. mari says:

    i grew up on the beach in southern california. when i left for univeristy, at 18, i never wanted to return to the boring little seaside town. what i wouldn't give now!!

    you pictures are beautiful and you describe my younger life, and now i am full of fond memories.

  8. Rubberbacon says:

    My first time here, by way of Cheeky Lotus. I love your beach photos! Reminds me I need to go more often in the evenings. I live about 30 minutes drive from the beach but it's so worth it!

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