Hermit the Crab

This adorable and captivating hermit crab was our very own for several minutes yesterday.  The young snorkelers at Huguenot Park found Hermit and brought him to me where I caressed him with my lens and got this  one perfect shot to remember him by.  All efforts to entice him to perform for a short video  failed as he remained retracted and immobile within his shell while the camera above him whirred away, waiting… 

Marine life outsmarts the humans once again.  

After a few minutes of admiring Hermit and not yet ready to give up on capturing the hermit crab scamper on video,  a gentle wave washed over us and Hermit was gone.

Goodbye Hermit. You were an exquisite little fellow.  Be well.


  1. Mickey Johnson says:

    …exquisite indeed…i love this picture. i used to have a hermit crab as a pet…well a pet of sorts i guess you would say. anyway, i loved to look for new shells to put into his aquarium that he could crawl into and have a new look. maybe since he liked to change his look so much he was actually a she!!! xo, mickey

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