Who Do You Think You Are?

It’s a good idea to say the words out loud if who you are is someone you’re on the way to becoming.  Maybe if you say it out loud you’ll get there faster.

All you need to do is click around the blogosphere to find people who made some big or subtle changes in their life…and changed their lives.  It seems all you need to do is try something – something your soul seems to be telling you to do – and your journey is begun.  How many times have I read about someone who started their now-successful venture: jewelry making, blogging, painting, photography, design – whatever it is, from a desire for personal development and challenge, to see it actually grow and become this thing that transformed how they view themselves, and possibly, their lives?   

Those glimmers of desire, a yearning to indulge in a creative pursuit?  Answer them.  The successful ones did.  Their journeys might have been in fits and starts but they celebrate the process. I love to read the raw, confessional stuff that these fearless (mostly) women publish on their blogs and websites.  Perhaps you start with one idea in mind, or no idea at all – you just begin. Where it all leads might be surprising.  But you keep pushing forward.  Doing it, creating, trying.  Succeeding or not, you don’t abandon the process.

Is this trite?  Does everyone else know this already,  and I’m finally just getting with the program?

Maybe.  But that’s fine because I’ve always been a later bloomer.  I won’t say late, because it’s never too late.  Recently I learned of a woman well into her seventies who earned her PhD.  Now there’s an inspirational life.  It gives me hope that it’s not too late for me to become more fully who I want to be.  

I am a writer and photographer.  I’ve now been published three times in our local, twice-weekly newspaper as a guest columnist.  At this moment my fingers are hovering over the keyboard, itching to write the disclaimer which explains that this “honor” is really just something cute and not a thing to be taken seriously.  I frequent quite a few blogs of writers who can generate digital reams of prose that is worthy of being lauded as extremely original  or literary or journalistic,  but not cute.  I wonder how long it takes them to compose the piece that amazes me, amuses me, shocks me.  Such talent will always generate a good following but it’s often the giveaways that bring out the readership in the comments section.  Everyone wants a freebie, no?

And so I ask you in all sincerity: who do you think you are?  Who are you becoming?  Are you taking steps to fulfill your dreams? Are you willing to share your process with me?


  1. Anonymous says:

    Love this post, glad I found your blog 🙂 I’m asking my self that very question at 44 and I’m pushing forward, no longer afraid of change.

  2. Karen says:

    ..and I’m not anonymous!…

  3. Mickey Johnson says:

    …love this jeannie. i’m not completely sure of who i am, but i am enjoying riding my wave as a friend would say. each day is full of challenges and triumphs. some days i’m not sure which is winning, but without one the other would not seem so sweet. love you girl, xo, mickey…and your writing is incredible.

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