Tropical Storm or What?

This has been our third day of wild weather across the entire metro area.  Here at the beach it’s especially intense. We all think they might as well give it a name, call it a Tropical Storm and be done with it.  I’d christen it after one of my daughters whose behavior has been very stormy this week, but her name doesn’t begin with letter ‘A’.

All photos were taken from within the safety and comfort of my car.  I didn’t want to get the little Canon Elph (or my hair) wet.  Actually, one would be soaked through in a matter of moments; it’s incredibly windy and raining hard.  The sea is a roiling mass of chaos.  Lovely to look at but dangerous.  The water breached the Jax Beach pier and has taken out some sections of it.  The pier was closed today.

I think all of us beachlifers are feeling a little squeamish about this storm…it’s not even the start of the hurricane season yet.  Is there anything portentous  about this weather?  Or is that really just being superstitous?

The weather pundits love to forecast hurricane season.  And boy if there’s a storm brewing, aren’t they all down here in a hurry to broadcast from the beach,  aflutter with excitement.  Those of us who live in the real world of hurricanes and tropical storms have homes, possessions and lives at risk. We don’t have the security and resources of a major news network to protect us, so sure, Geraldo Rivera and Jim Cantore and Shephard Smith, it’s fun, isn’t it, to stand on the beach while the wind blows ever fiercer?  We’re scurrying around trying to figure out evacuation plans; what to take and what to protect and how to store the stuff we cannot take?  You pretty much have to wait until the last minute to decide whether to evacuate because it’s a huge deal, leaving it all behind.  So there we  sit, for a few days beforehand, while the networks are gleefully showing “Live Storm Coverage” 24/7, biting our nails and battening down the hatches.  Those of us who live close to the beach realize what could happen.  And although here in Jacksonville, it’s considered somewhat protected from the onslaught owing to the curvature of the coastline right at our shores, we understand how unpredictable and devastating a wind event can be.

So, this week, as the rain began on Monday and the winds gained intensity yesterday and today, I think we’re all wondering just a little if this early storm means we’re in for it this season.  

Or maybe it’s just me?


  1. Mickey Johnson says:

    …i hope you are in for a mild season. i don’t know what an early storm predicts, but i have to admit i love storms. the energy is so incredible…intense, foreboding and mysterious. however, living next to this magical wonder can be a bit un-nerving i am sure! love the pics and glad you stayed safe and dry! xo, mickey

  2. Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five says:

    Yeah, the weather here in south Georgia has been yucky, too.
    Now, graduation of my 2 high school boys will probably be moved indoors.
    I’m ready for the sunshine!
    mom to Josie-Tatum

  3. Just Moos says:

    Wow, luckily our beach was quiet when we visited it! We just came home today. It is great you have the ocean so nearby. Have a nice weekend!

  4. Texas Trucker says:

    You’re a great photographer.

    We were trying to beat Hurricane Ike last year and get across Houston, but had TWO blowouts. Sat on the shoulder for TEN hours waiting on the repair truck with the wind and rain blowing against the truck and trailer. I was SO scared.

  5. Karen says:

    …The picture of the red beach chair in that storm is awesome… framable!

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