Four Photos That Make Me Smile

Agapanthus, just starting to bloom, photographed with the Canon Rebel XSi.

Food as art: A spaghetti smile.
(Little Canon Elph)

Spaghetti smile, displayed as art!
(Little Canon Elph)

Tonight, a surprise rainbow.
(Little Canon Elph is supposed to live in my purse for photo opps such as these, but no.  Not tonight.  Thus, iPhone had to step in, which accounts for the less than dramatic picture.  Live, this was quite a nice, solid rainbow. Little Canon Elph should have been on duty tonight.)


  1. Owlhaven says:

    Fun pictures!!!


  2. Mickey Johnson says:

    …i love the spaghetti smile picture…especially if i had eaten the spaghetti to make it smile! xo, mickey

  3. Sink says:

    Wonderful! Smiling over here…

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