Hey, good times at Beachlife house this week as we’ve got our Michigan relatives visiting.

Relatives.  It sounds so formal, doesn’t it,  when really it’s anything but.  She’s Marghie, my cousin-almost-sister and we’ve been soul sisters since…well, let’s just say a damned long time.  She’s brought along her guy, Paul – her husband and baby daddy – and her baby, too.  But a strange thing has happened, I tell you.  Her baby grew and now he’s taller than she is.  Come to think of it, my baby is taller than I am too and, worse, he doesn’t think I’m his hero anymore.

A couple of days ago I found some notes I’d written, with all manner of cute preschooler observations he’d made, including: “Mommy? If I didn’t have you, I wouldn’t have a hero.”

Now, sure, I know, as a reader you think, “whatever.”  But to a mother, reading that sentence was very nearly a physical experience in that the words wrapped themselves around my heart and squeezed it, just a little.

I guess I’m going to have to work a little harder.  My baby is a sophisticated almost-teen who now sees his mother for who she really is.

I’ll have to ask Marghie if her baby still idolizes her.  As soul sisters, we were so lucky to have become moms within weeks of each other, to bright boys who, although quite different in temperament and style, seem to enjoy being together as much as we still do.

So we all hunkered down together in Beachlife house today watching the loose limbs and palm fronds hurtle from the bending trees as the winds tore through the coast and rain came down.  Later I discovered another tree leaning dangerously down (it’s dead) but luckily this time it doesn’t threaten anyone’s house. Still,  we have to call back the tree guys for another go round with chain saw.  And goodbye to the Benjamins.  


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