Sea Turtles, Part Deux

a rescued sea turtle, waiting beneath a damp towel for help that was on the way.

X (“Don’t put me on the Internet”) also rescued a very sick sea turtle over the weekend.
My girls ran home to tell me it was in his little patrol car.
iPhone and I ran over to have a look, and snap a few photos.
Help was on the way for this turtle.  The State of Florida would take the turtle to a rehab center and, hopefully, nurse it back to health.
After taking several pictures of this lethargic but fortunate sea turtle I raised iPhone to X’s face…”Just my Facebook page?” I ventured.
“I don’t want to be on the Internet.”
(Not that any of my Internet gets much action.  X is a dedicated champion of the sea turtles but eschews attention.) I was especially interested in the turtle because of a very recent, well, Internet, discussion I’d been having about…yes, turtles…with some friends in an online group.
 I (finally) got the message.
I will never post X’s picture or mention the name  on the Internet. 
But here are some photos of the turtle.  When I remarked how barnacle encrusted he appeared  explained that yes, that’s what indicated he was ill.  That and, most likely, the fact that the turtle was lying on the beach.  I didn’t get the full story and X can be a bit laconic, so I didn’t press.
This poor turtle’s eye socket appeared sunken, and when I remarked, X then said that too was an indicator of his poor health.
This is all probably pretty obvious.  But me and iPhone, we like to ask questions.
We got over there just in time, too, for moments later the guy from the State arrived and lifted turtle from X’s patrol car, to the back of his van.
After the turtle was carefully lifted into the State rescue van, I chirped, “Wow, his first time in a car!”
X looked at me, pointedly.
“Um, right, his second time…,” I was sounding like the village idiot.
X had brought the turtle off the beach – in the beach patrol vehicle.


  1. Debra W says:

    I am a former Atlantic Ocean girl who is now deeply in love with the Pacific. I really enjoyed reading this post as well as the one just before it. I love people who see the importance in saving animals! In the past year, I have learned how to rescue seagulls, by myself, while driving around for two hours with an unhappy seagull tucked under a towel in the passenger seat next to me, trying to find a place who will take him in! Quite a day!

    I will be back to read more about your adventures!


  2. Sink says:

    Wonderful pics! And awesome service! Thanks for taking the time to post.

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