Not Sure…

What I bring to this already crowded blogosphere?

I’m not creative.  I don’t sew, and if I did, it would certainly never occur to me to fashion cute girls’ skirts from funky beach towels.  And if I were, ever to do that, these certain girls would certainly not deign to wear them, however cute they may be.

I don’t offer classes in anything.

I would never, ever think to make budget knitting needles out of wooden spoons from the dollar store, with a handy husband to whittle them just so.  (She knows I’m referring to her, and I have nothing but – sigh – admiration for her prodigious talent and energy); This, a spur-of-the-moment educational and fun rainy day activity – all while on vacation.  It makes me tired just thinking about it.

I don’t make cute labels or do any crafts with my kids.  I do occasionally go to a craft store and buy craft items (so many opportunities that it’s alluring, but in reality I’m left looking, bewildered,  at the contents of the bag, feel overwhelmed and put them in a drawer.

I don’t have an etsy shop.  I’ve never made anything in my life that I am proud of…well, no.  I have created dish gardens that I think are fine enough to show you:

I thought they were lovely enough to gift, so I did.  And kept a few for us, too.  Okay, so I do like gardening.

I don’t cook, or create jewelry or write reviews.  I don’t paint. 

However I did recently wield a can of black spray paint with satisfying results:

Repurposed a formerly blue frame into this black one.  Was so proud of my mad spray painting skills.   So proud, in fact, that I went in search of other objects that might benefit from a little black, and found this boring formerly white starfish. Ah, such “adventure” in this modern beachlife home. Hey, no smirking.

As tickled as I am with my results they are hardly something fresh or new (except, of course, to me, and, well, isn’t that the point?).

So I continue to cast about for my creative niche.  And while it will probably never be something original enough to offer to a wider audience I’m learning to accept that if it makes me happy then that’s okay too.  It’s what I’d tell my own kids…I guess I miss my own mom for no matter how old I’d get, she’d have been there with her encouragement.  And for so long I didn’t really listen…but down deep, I think I heard.

And so.  While I’m no _________ (i-could-fill-in-the-blank-with-two-dozen-blog-names-at-least-but-it-would-seem-like-pandering), I’ll be who I am.  Your host of Atlantic Beachlife who will continue to bring you the finest of her kindergarten artwork while living in The Finest Beach Town on Florida’s First Coast.

I leave you with ‘my Peeps’, and another of Easter’s sweeter moments:

(app: Picolo with ‘sharpen’ and ‘posterize’ filters)

(no filter, just caramel oozing from a Cadbury egg.  Mmm.)

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