Je Suis Sous Chef

I bow to the greatness of my eleven and a half year old daughter and gladly serve her in the kitchen.

She handles the place with competence.  She needs very little supervision.  

She made Easter brunch, she did.
She buttered and cubed all 14 slices of bread, beat eggs, milk and spices, and measured quantities of cheese.  I put it all in the casserole and refrigerated.  Yesss!

She made her cute ‘bunny salad’ and I took a picture of it. Yesss!
She made, from scratch, her Grandma’s cheesecake…and I ate it.  Yesss!

The only thing I did was bake the Tilapia, which came with a yummy, pecan and breadcrumbs topping.   She watched, because, as we all know…she’ll do it the next time.

Lily rocks the kitchen!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi it’s Min Hyung.
    Wow, Lily has made a easter brunch for your famiily. Good Job!

  2. Sink says:

    Great job, daughter! I love the little mouse.

  3. HardyMum says:

    Hey, she does rock the kitchen! I’m impressed!

  4. Anonymous says:

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